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~~~Ten Things Thursday~~~

Its that time again ladies! What do you have for us this week?
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Re: ~~~Ten Things Thursday~~~

  • 1. My neck has been really hurting and I am hoping I can see my chiropractor this afternoon.

    2. I don't really want to be at work right now between the headache from my neck stiffness and feelings of nausea and tiredness.

    3. I can't believe that I am 6 weeks and 1 day from my EDD. Whoa!!!

    4. I bought two night braces to wear on my hands to hopefully control the numbness. It seemed to do the trick last night and I slept better.

    5. It is really hard getting ready in the morning with my hands both being numb.

    6. I am excited for my baby shower on Saturday!

    7. DH's work colleagues threw him (and two other coworkers expecting children in March) a big potluck yesterday and gave us a generous BRU gift card that we can put towards the car seat/stroller. Between that and gift cards we already had, we will only need to pay about $25 plus tax now!

    8. I am excited that my insurance will cover 100% of the purchase of a breast pump - I just need to get a prescription from my doctor.

    9. At my NST on Monday, I got to see LO sucking her thumb. That was funny! I have another NST today.

    10. I finally saw the movie Lincoln on Sunday and really liked it. I am a history teacher so really needed to see it! It was the first time I had been to a movie theater in over a year.

    May PAL Siggy Challenge - Mom Humor
    TTC Since June 2009 
    BFP #1 - 1/15/12, EDD 9/21/12, Missed M/C - 2/10/12 - I miss you Sapphire!

    BFP #2 - 7/1/12 - Met my lucky charm Alexandra on 3-16-13!!!

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    AL always welcome! 

  • 1. I am 34 weeks today with 6 weeks to go!! I think I can, I think I can...

    2. My baby shower is Saturday and I seriously can't wait!!!

    3. One of my mom's best friend just told me she is shipping stuff to me from my BRU registry!!!

    4. My nursery is coming along nicely. I just have a few finishing touches to add.

    5. All I want to do any more is sleep. I haven't had a job since I was about 9 weeks along. And I'm not going to school this semester. Which means I get to sleep very very late. I'm soaking up every minute!

    6. I have a baby doctor appointment today and I'm not sure if I am getting an internal or not.

    7. I'm battling an external hemorrhoid for the first time in my entire life and its excruciating.

    8. My hubby is taking me to dinner after my appointment!

    9. I did so much nesting Monday that I don't want to clean another thing. Ever.

    10. I think my belly has gotten to the point where it just stopped growing. Which is weird.
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  • 1. I would kill for a nap right now, I'm pretty sure there are tooth picks holding my eyelids open.

    2. My hands have been extremely numb the last 2 weeks so it must be time for the chiropractor and I think I have the "pregnancy carple tunnel" some ladies talk about bc my hands just ache recently.

    3.  Ordered the gifts for the 4 ladies who are throwing my baby shower and I'm so excited for them to open it.

    4.  I have stalled out on the baby's room, crib is still leaning in pieces against the wall, her dresser won't be here till next weekend so all her clothes are still in bags waiting to be washed, and there are random pillows and blankets shoved in garbage bags I need to sort through and get rid of. Ugh

    5. Something is wrong with my car so it goes into the shop tomorrow, cross your fingers it's not the main computer :-/

    6.  My SO is still job hunting, he's put out a few apps with one call back so far but there are others he could apply for and just isn't.  I'm about ready to stick him with a cattle prod if he doesn't kick it in gear.....

    7.  I'm over being pregnant, tired of waddling and already being plus size prepregnancy makes the 30lbs I've gained even more annoying.  I already have some workout classes I'm doing with a cousin once I'm able.

    8.  My SO asked me the other day what I thought of pregnancy, I told him it hasn't been bad at all, just tiring really but that I miss seeing my toes, hate not being able to find my vagina and am ready to sleep on my stomach again for a good nights sleep. He just laughed.

    9.  No clue what to make for dinner tonight, I've bailed on cooking the last 2 nights so I'm due.

    10.  Can't wait for the commercials during the superbowl, it's the only reason I watch!

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  • 1.  Work is awful today.  Our network is running so slowly, so email, shared folders, internet-based systems, etc are all basically useless.  Guess where all of my work is!

    2.  Baby's room is about done!  I'm waiting on a room-darkening shade and a couple of decor things to come in, and we're set.

    3.  DD wandered in this morning while I was drying my hair so I didn't hear her come in, and she's not usually awake then, so it startled the crap out of me.  I screeched, which startled her into bursting into tears.  GREAT way to start the day!

    4.  DH has been OOT for a week, and is going to be gone for at least another and probably longer.  This isn't unusual, except I'm not usually 7 months pregnant- I'm so tired, and really missing him.

    5.  I'm torn between hoping for a ton of snow tomorrow so I can work at home in sweatpants, and wanting to go into work because we're having a Superbowl potluck and can wear jeans.  My group always has awesome food for these things.

    6.  For some reason, the weather app on my phone has started making a siren noise when there's a weather warning for our area.  It only ever happens at night, and I can't figure out how to turn it off- everything has notifications set to silent.  Stupid thing woke me up twice last night.Angry

    7.  I'm a little obsessed with watching The Tudors on Netflix right now.  I've watched an episode or two pretty much every night over the past week.

    8.  I still can't believe I'm having a baby in a month and a half Indifferent

    9.  I really wanted sushi for lunch today, but it's cafeteria sushi, which I don't really trust on a regular basis, let alone pregnant.

    10.  I really want to go shopping for clothes, but it seems kind of pointless right now.

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  • 1got our growth scan...Riley is measuring at 6lbs 2oz and exactly at 35w6days...right at the 50th percentile
    2the first thing the tech said when she saw her face was "look at those lips!"
    3had a mini freak out at my husband today...but I needed too.
    4my pelvis is killing me! I can hardly get out of bed or out of my chair
    5I think this is the end to box jumps for me...seriously feel like my pelvis wil fall apart
    6I've had to seriously start scaling back on exercise...but I'm still doing it!
    7my doctor said "we'll..you lost 2 oz this week " and gave me a look. Um, I've put on 32 lbs in 36 weeks...pretty sure my weight gain is on the high end of normal
    8 I got a belly girdle...and I love it
    9 so basically all we need now is our monitor, pack n play and baby carrier...I got everythjng else...all furniture, glider, 2 strollers, car seat, etc
    10 I'm getting so excited to meet her!!
    BabyFetus Ticker Little Riley-our first little girl coming March 1st, 2013 (or sometime around there;)
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