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Cost of infant child care in Metro Atlanta

DH and met with our financial planner yesterday and shared the news that we are expecting or first LO! We started on the topic of childcare in the city. He's under the impression that it will cost us about $800/week for an infant.

Can you guys negate this? At most in my research I've seen $250/week. I found this link that shares the 2012 average annual costs for Georgia and it says and infant is $7,030.

While I know that the city can be more expensive, what did you pay for childcare when your baby was an infant?

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Re: Cost of infant child care in Metro Atlanta

  • I would estimate infant childcare at a decent center Intown to cost 11501350 per month. I think 800 a week is too high for a center for one child.

    We paid around 2300/ month for 2 kids a few years ago and this was at a Bright Horizons

    I would also recommend getting on wait lists ASAP. Intown childcare is hard to find
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  • kegkeg member
    I think infants are about $225/week at our daycare center, so your research is in line with that.  I'm guessing the $800/week is more if you go with a nanny, and not a nanny share.  If you factor in at least $12/hour for 50 hours (since you need commute time) plus taxes on top of that, you could be talking about the $800 range. 
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  • $800/week for 1 infant is definitely high, even for a nanny.  I would say on the high end for daycare would run around $300/week depending on the part of town, but that's they higher end definitely. 
  • I would say $800 is def high. Maybe more like $275-300 a week would be more accurate.
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  • Inside the perimeter expect to pay $1200-1600 per month for full time infant care at a good place. Also I'd highly recommend starting to look now for a daycare. Most of have pretty long wait lists for infants. 
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  • I pay under 700 a month for infant care for my youngest.  I live in the burbs.
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  • That's insanely high as an estimate - is he perhaps including cost of diapers, food, etc. as well?

    We paid $900 a month for the infant room in Virginia-Highland, but everything we looked at was between $850-1200 a month. 

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  • $365 for infant, in-town
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  • And congrats on your LO OP!!
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  • I've been researching intown full time infant day care and thus far the range has been 13001600/mo
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