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DS is 11 months and I stopped EBF him when he turned 5 months and weaned him until 6.5 months. Between working and his large appetite, my milk supply crashed. But all of a sudden two days ago I started lactating and I had to pull back out the nursing pads! Has this happened to anyone?

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  • Huh.  I had milk until I got pregnant again (when DS was 20 months old), but I didn't have a lot of milk.  Have you tried to get him to latch?  
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  • I stopped breast feeding over the holidays from my supply being so low. Since then, I have found that I leak every now and then. I have never been engorged or had any pain from the drying up process. I assume because I had low milk supply anyway.

    I am curious as to when you are suppose to completely dry up. I would have thought I would have by now.

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