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Job searching while pregnant

I am 11 weeks along right now and interviewing for jobs. I know technically they can't turn you down for a job based on that factor but let's be real, they can come up with any excuse really. When is the right time to tell a prospective employer your pregnant and what is the appropriate amount of time to ask for as maternity leave???

Re: Job searching while pregnant

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    If you plan on being a long-term employee w/ that business, then I would wait until you're offered a job and then ask to see all of the information on employee benefits (that's when you can look into the maternity leave).

    Also, depending on the state and size of the business, employers can choose to not hire people because they are pregnant. Additionally, once hired, you might not be guaranteed maternity leave. I would check the business policy manual on this. Employees might have to work w/ the company for a period of time before they can qualify for this.

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    I interviewed for my current job at 11 weeks (ETA: with my first) and started at 16 weeks.  I did not disclose that I was pregnant because I was planning on being here for a while and returning right after my maternity leave.  Before I signed my papers, I did inquire into benefits and availability of maternity leave.  At 18 weeks, I told my boss and ensured him that I was committed to the job.  At that time, I also made arrangements with HR for maternity leave. 
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    I would wait to tell until after you are hired in. I know they are not technically supposed to ask if you are planning on a family soon but I have been asked it in almost every interview I have been on (ILLEGAL). :) But, if they do I would not lie, I would say something like, "We are open to a family at any time, etc."

    As far as maternity leave goes, every employer has to give you FMLA (time off), however, this does not have to be paid. Your company may offer paid maternity leave but you may not qualify for paid until you have been there for a certain amount of time. More than likely your maternity leave will probably be unpaid. The standard for FMLA is 6weeks. That is what I am taking, but since my company does not offer paid FMLA, I am working out something where I work from home for the last 3 weeks.

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    I interviewed for a job in my last pregnancy at 6 months pregnant. There was no denying I was pregnant so I was just honest about the chapter of my life I was in. The job was part time and I had less duties from my current position at the time, so I felt like I could handle it. They hired me and said they respected my honesty. That's a tough one though when they can't tell yet. I don't know a non-awkward way of working it into an interview, so I would probably leave it out unless I was showing. 
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    As far as maternity leave goes, every employer has to give you FMLA (time off), however, this does not have to be paid.

    I was under the impression that FMLA was only required at companies with a certain amount of employees (so, smaller company = maybe no FMLA) and that you only qualified if you had been an employee for a year before the birth.



    Basically, pertinent information states: "In order to be eligible for FMLA leave, an employee must have been at the business at least 12 months, and worked at least 1,250 hours over the past 12 months, and work at a location where the company employs 50 or more employees within 75 miles."  Some states though have lower threshholds. 

    As for when to tell, it is true that they are not allowed to ask you your family status, or deny you a job due to your family status.  However, it's also true that they can deny you the job and not tell you why.  However, I would say that once a job has been offered, it is safe to tell them you are pregnant.  If, at that point, they rescind the offer, as happened to a PP, you are pretty clearly not getting the job because of the new info, i.e., you are pregnant.  At which point, you sue the pants off of them. 

    Hope this helps, and good luck on your search. 

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    I wanted to thank you ladies for taking the time and writing. I've been nervous about telling my boss I'm pregnant because I've only worked there for 2mos. I plan on making this my career and want to come back after my maternity leave/vaca time. I have been super nervous on how to tell my boss but after reading all the posts, I feel much more confident in doing so. 


    Thanks again!!! 



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