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How much bleeding is considered spotting? And at what point do I get worried?

This never happened when I was pregnant with DS so kind of freaked out.

edited - I went to the bathroom (number 2) and noticed it then. It was brownish red not bright red. A little bit in the toilet and a little bit on the TP.

Do feel some tension in lower belly - no quite cramping but heaviness. Totally freaking out because it's that feeling you get before your period shows up  - the bloated heaviness. And that feeling of having to go to the bathroom is how labor started with DS. :(

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Re: Spotting

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    I would call your dr.  My dr says to call whenever there is blood, no matter what.  I had hamangiomas with both of my girls.  I spotted with one and not the other.  Even though they knew I had the hamangiomas they wanted me to come in and have everything checked.  Everything was fine.  I was 9 weeks though.  I'm not sure if your dr's office is the same, but I wo uld call anyway.

    good luck! 

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    I would call the doctor. I did have spotting...brown & red. I also passed a blood clot. I was so scared. But, I saw my little baby's heartbeat at 7 weeks and everything was perfect! :)
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    I would call your doctor just to ease your mind. When I talked to the doctor about my spotting, they said spotting is considered not filling up a pad. I don't know if that is 100% accurate.

     I hope everything is OK. Sending T&Ps your way. I know spotting is very scary!

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    I do not have insurance (long story) and will be using the woman's clinic at the local hospital because they charge on a sliding scale. My first appointment isn't until next week and when I called them, they told me to go to ER.

    I'm not sure if this one time spotting warrants a trip to ER - especially during flu season.

    If it happens again, I'm definitely going to the ER. For now, just going to hope all is well and hope the discomfort in my stomach is just gas.

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