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Ultrasound experience in 6th week? *UPDATE*

I go in for my second u/s this afternoon.  The first one was last Tues and the saw the sac and said it measured 5w (although I'm pretty sure I was 5w1d).  So today, I'm either 6w2d or 6w3d and they are hoping to see the heartbeat (as are we!).  Has anyone had experience with an u/s around this time? 


*UPDATE*  We just got back and we saw our bean!  He/she is measuring 6w5d and since this pregnancy is immediately following a loss without a LMP to go by, the doctor has moved my due date up to 9/21/13.  Heart rate was 130 which they said was perfect.  Thank you all for your insight.  GL kelle & mevans!  I hope to see your good news soon.  :)

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Re: Ultrasound experience in 6th week? *UPDATE*

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    I had one at 6w1d. I saw the yolk sack, fetal pole, and flicker of a heartbeat!
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    oh I hope there is a heartbeat tomorrow at 6wk4d!

    good luck! 

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    I had an u/s at 6+1, we saw a hb but my RE didn't measure it or measure the baby. I think most do at that time though.

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    With my last pregnancy, I saw a heartbeat at 6w3d :)
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    I had one at 6w4d and was able to see a little flicker. We weren't able to listen, but we could see the heartbeat on the bean. 
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    I had an ultrasound at 6 w 0 days and the ultrasound tech was able to find a heartbeat of 115.
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    I have my first next week at 6weeks 2 days and am telling myself not to freak if I don't see or hear anything.  

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    I feel the same way! We have our first ultrasound on the 12th at 6 weeks 6 days and I'm already freaking out that we're not going to see anything!
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