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Anyone else burping every few minutes? By burps I mean loud, manly ones haha. My DH and I were laughing about how much I burp now. To be honest it is getting a bit annoying, adding to the nausea. I have not noticed any increase in gas but the burping is crazy! I'm 11w1d hopefully this passes.

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    I have both... but the burping helps my tummy not be upset most of the time :)
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    I burp all the time. And I'm only like 4 seconds pregnant! Haha. I keep apologizing to my husband, but he just stands there in awe because I'm NEVER like that!
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    I burp all the time now! I'm in the middle of 45wk mark, very early. But now when I burp, my mouth waters like I'm about throw up. Its lovely. This morning I was burping with a gag reflex at the end. Not sure what that was about.



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    I've been pretty burpy as well. Not loud though. But the farting has picked up a lot. Unfortunately I have to hold most of it in because I work with the public 8 hours a day. I don't think the people standing 2 feet in front of me would appreciate me letting one rip. lmao.
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    I have both... but the burping helps my tummy not be upset most of the time :

    I burp all the time, especially when I'm getting sick. The burps help me feel better too! Not too much gas yet.
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