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Messing up at work

Anyone having trouble performing at work and getting called on it?? I'm a 1st grade teacher and this year has been tough for me. I'm usually extremely active, perky, and organized but this year I have been the total opposite. It of course hasn't been very effective for me. I was observed last week and my principal was less than thrilled. I'm currently 8 1/2 months pregnant and now I will have a coach observing me daily until my principal observes me again in a few weeks. I'm really stressed out now. I've always gotten excellent observations before. I really just want to focus on my baby right now. What do I do?

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  • Start maternity leave now or nesting ;) I'm sorry you're dealing with this.
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  • I guess your right but I hate to sacrifice any of my leave with her after she's born.
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  • I wouldn't take leave early! Hang in there.
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  • On the one hand, I would say that it is a bit unfair to be getting observed this far along in your pregnancy.  However, we are still getting paid and expected to perform our jobs.  

    I seems a bit excessive to have a coach daily in your room until you get observed again.  This does not happen in our district unless there has been more than one poor observation.  I guess it depends on what the principal's concerns were.  Was the lesson poorly taught?  Did the lesson not follow the plan?  Were the students unclear of what to do and was little support given?  Or was it that you were moving around the room less or not getting down on your first graders' levels as much as they worked?

    I know that teaching all day can be exhausting, even when you aren't pregnant!  I agree with the pp, if you cannot handle the workload, try to begin your maternity leave earlier.  Good luck to you!

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  • It was my management . They were hyper and in attentive and I honestly didn't have the energy to do what I knew I needed to do to get them back on track. Our whole state is on a new improvement plan and they want administration in the classrooms more. Also since my eval was poor he has to show an effort to help me. The only thing that will help me is to have this baby!
  • I am a second grade teacher and I'm totally with you on this.  I haven't been observed lately but I just feel so unmotivated. It doesn't help that my we have a new principal who is on a power trip. He has us doing staff developments ALL the time and we are putting in so many hours. I'm so tired and drained. I feel like I can't do my job because I'm so mentally exhausted. I'm looking forward to my maternity leave to say the least.
  • You should take your leave early if you cannot perform at your job.  I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't put up with that and make excuses for me because I'm pregnant.  It's not fair to co-workers and if you are a teacher it isn't fair to your students.  Being pregnant isn't an excuse to get paid and do a bad job at work.  Take leave.
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  • First of all, I give you lots of credit for the work you are doing. It is not easy to be with kids all day! Also, I've made mistakes at work too, and it feels terrible. What has made me feel better is making an effort to do a better job the next day. 

    I've been looking at the breastfeeding community board and a phrase that comes up a lot over there is "don't quit on a bad day". Maybe the same thing works for this issue too? Maybe you just need a minute to think up some ways to make the work day better for the next few weeks until baby arrives.  

    Could you set aside some time in the early morning or after work hours when you can just sit and enjoy being with your baby, talk to him/her, and dream about the future?

    Is there a way to re-frame the idea of having a coach in your classroom as some kind of helpful or encouraging presence?  

    I would opt for saving maternity leave until baby gets here, and until then find creative ways to make the most of the day. You can do it!

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  • imagemcooper014:
    You should take your leave early if you cannot perform at your job.nbsp; I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't put up with that and make excuses for me because I'm pregnant.nbsp; It's not fair to coworkers and if you are a teacher it isn't fair to your students.nbsp; Being pregnant isn't an excuse to get paid and do a bad job at work.nbsp; Take leave.

    I am not doing a bad job. I am not doing as well as I use to and they have recognized that. I'm not just sitting on my butt collecting a check. I'm bending over backwards to compensate. My students are making progress and are exactly where they should be at this point. My point is that they are being picky when I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. I'm on my feet all day busting my tail. Excuse the hell out of me if I get a bit winded from time to time.
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