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Montessori School Experiences

I am considering placing my 22 month old in a Montessori learning environment. I would love to get feedback as to your experiences (positive and negative) with schools utilizing this learning philosophy. I am also curious as to experiences in transitioning from a Montessori Preschool to a traditional classroom for Pre-K or Kindergarten. Thanks so much for your insight!

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Re: Montessori School Experiences

  • This is DD's second year at a Montessori school and we just enrolled DS to begin this Fall. I love the Montessori philosophy.  I love that it focuses on personal achievement and individual development.  The age range in a "level," for example, the Toddler room is a large range to accommodate the developmental levels.  Therefore you can have an 18 month old in the same room as a 2.5 year old.  I like that they teach them life skills along with academic skills.  The school DD goes to has a good mix of play and learning.  I can't personally attest to the transition from this to a more traditional school but our niece and nephew went through the same school and they transitioned fine when they started in K and 1st at a public school.
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  • I went to Montessori school, LO will go next year when she is old enough. Most start at the age of 3, some will take 2 year olds. The room is typically 3,4,5. Then Some do K &1, or all of elementary school. It is a go at your own pace. Whereas regular preschool there are group lessons and everyone has as schedule. You are free to do what you want basically and there is more emphasis on self reward. I was at a part and every time a child hit the pinata with the bat all the parents said 'good job', well that doesn't happen like that in montessori. The good thing is if your child is a fast learner, they can do the 3, 4 or 4yr old lesson if they want to OR do the same lesson everyday for their 3yr old lesson.  There is usually a table and they encourage the child to complete an activity from each category per day. 
    Most kids will transition fine into regular public school. I hated the transition because of the group structure of the lessons. I learn fast so I hated having to do the same thing 10 times and couldn't move on. 
    Take a tour, spend some time reading on the montessori school websites about the differences. Before LO goes to K there are a few 'must' things I factored into the budget. One is good shoes, the other is indoor winter activities, the last montessori school.   
  • I love it! While I was laid off I helped in the office at one...and the things those kids were doing was pretty awesome! They would clean up after themselves, in the pre-school part they were learning about different countries and making maps of them, along with the 50 states. They also learn how to pass the knowledge they learn on to others, which I think develops so many different skills. One kid (most likely and exception) knew the concept of and could do multiplication!  The teacher made it a point to find work for him that would allow him to continue learning about that, instead of keeping him at a pre-school level and just doing counting and places and additiona dn subtraction with him.  I liked that.

    My son is in the NIDO room now, but next week transistioning to the Toddler room, and I am looking forward to him learning about work spaces, and putting his work away when he's done.  Also the accomplishment he'll have mastering a skill and moving onto the next one, and sharing hsi knowledge with others. Our Toddler teacher said within 2-3 weeks of him being there we'll start noticing him pick up after himself, scoot in his chair when he's done, wipe up his area, etc. I think it helps more if the parents are on board and encourage the same type of behavior at home as well.

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