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9-month checkup?

We are in the UK and they don't do a checkup here at 9 months. The health care system here is very hands off.

Did you do a 9-month checkup? What sort of things did your ped discuss with you? Any milestones I should be looking out for? 

Re: 9-month checkup?

  • Yes, 9 month checkup is routine here in US. They did weight, length and head measurements and we mostly talked about solids. She got a polio vx, but we do a delayed schedule, so not sure if that is normal. For milestones, she asked if she could transfer objects from hand to hand and say undirected mama and dada.
  • In Canada where I am from they do not do one either.

    But in the US where I am living they do. We had her iron level checked. She discussed eating more solids including foods she can pick up herself. She asked questions like is she clapping her hands, talking, playing games, is she finger grasping with her thumb and finger, is she bearing weight on her feet with assistance, is she pulling herself up. She also discussed home safety as our baby is now crawling. Oh and they should respond to their name. Oh we were also told even though we are feeding solids we should not go below 24ozs of formula per day until she is 12 months.

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  • Our 9mo appointment was her last HepB vaccine and her first flu shot (ours was back in October).  We did measurements, talked about foods & went over her development survey.  There weren't really any major milestones we discussed.  I got the info for her 12mo appointment, we didn't discuss WCM until then but I'm BF so I'm not sure if that's why.

    Here's the link to the development survey  http://www.wrnmmc.capmed.mil/Health Services/Medicine/Pediatrics/Shared Documents/ASQ-3 9 Mo Set B.pdf


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  • This was a very important checkup for us (FYI, I'm in Canada). We discovered that her weight was not progressing properly and that her fontanels were closing to quickly causing an abnormal head shape. Very glad we had this apointment! Other than those two things, doc also asked if she understood object permanece and if she was babbling.
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  • We live in nj and we didn't have a 9 month apt.
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  • Pretty much the same thing as pp's said. We went over the dev. milestones checklist (DD is already doing some of the 12 mo things...yay!!) and did measurements. We went over the list of questions I had since we hadn't seen her in 3 months. Other than that, we discussed her eating and how she's doing on solids and the pedi suggested adding in some higher fat snacks such as yogurt, cottage cheese or avocado. She said that puffs are "like air" and do not have much nutritional or caloric value. We set the 12 mo appointment and that was that.
  • We just had our 9 mo check up this week. We discussed height/weight/head measurements. It was also DS's pre op physical because he is having his circumcision revised in a few weeks. The pedi said that they should be eating table food by 10 months and to avoid eggs, nuts and shellfish due to allergy risk.

    We delayed a few vaccines, so the babies got their 2nd Hep B and their 3rd pneumococcal vaccine (if you do the regular schedule, there would not have a been a vaccine due at 9 months).

     I asked some questions about sleep b/c both babies have been waking at night and I'm so tired that I bring them to our bed and nurse them back to sleep. The pedi said to let them CIO so that they learn to self soothe. I knew she'd say that, but hearing the pedi say it makes it a little easier to do.


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  • To above PP. We've done the CIO and stuck with it just within the last week. Day 1 was the worst of course. Tell your hubby to do check-ins if you can't handle it and take yourself to the store. Anyways, the check-ins always made our LO cry harder so we eventually stopped doing them. Now he's to bed in about 10min and has been sttn for the past 5 nights. He doesn't really even cry anymore. It's like a little whining because he knows it's nap time/bedtime. It's so worth it! 9 months I think is a great age to start. They're becoming super smart. Our LO learned very quickly that we weren't going to "put" him to sleep anymore.

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