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kahlan's fast delivery after all we went thru

Well at 24 weeks I was admitted to hospital 1cm and contractions every 5 mins, thank god they stopped it but not for long at 28 weeks I was back getting my pre term labor stopped and once again at 32 weeks but this time I went to 3 1/2 cm in an hr of being at hospital and my contractions were so strong it took 4 days and tons of meds to stop labor I got shots for her lungs just incase. Mean time contractions were still there but not dilating me. Well finally at 39 weeks and 4 1/2 cm contractions about 10 mins apart I asked for membrane sweep, got one and I left drs at 12 pm on july 9th 2012. Well as soon as I left my contractions got worse but not to bad i know what they feel like this was my second baby I kept telling my hubby that we would be going to hospital that night, well around 1030 I was going to hospital. I went in talked to nurses got checked I was almost 5cm they hooked me up and what not. Well I layed there and then got on yoga ball finally my nurse came in and told me that because I was not 40 weeks excatly i was 3 days from due date that they couldnt do anything but cant let me leave because I live to far away. So from 130am to about 4am I laid in bed and waited well the nurse just didnt wanna bother the doctor cuz she was sleeping is why she said they cant do anything cuz at 440 the doctor came in and broke my water at 446 well about 530 I felt the RING OF FIRE and I knew that it was almost time to push I kept tellin the nurse I needed to push she of course told me I was fine until I put my hand on hers and said u need to check me cuz shes comming well I was right, but I was only 8cm and she was crowning doctor came in and one two three pushes by my own body not even me doing it she was out! 556am my daughter kahlan rose was born 7lbs 14oz 21 inches long.. No meds all natural thru the whole thing! Hope u all enjoy this, for all new moms getting ready every birth is different and every birth is worth everything we have to go thru.

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