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Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies

Anyone used Vitafusion Prenatal gummies?

Re: Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies

  • Yes.  Love them.  The target brand gummies are really good too and usually cheaper.
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  • Yeah, I used those before my doctor prescribed me some. I still take them if I run out of the prescription since I got the BIG bottle of the gummies = )
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  • awesome, thanks girls! :)
  • They are sooooooo yummy!  It was like a little treat every evening!

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  • yes they are the best! Those are what I take daily.
  • I take them as well. They are delicious!

  • I have the Target brand ones and love them.
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  • They are so yummy! I actually feel like they are my dessert some nights. :)

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  • image michyme123:
    I did but then switched when I realized there was no calcium in them. I do not drink milk so I need calcium in a vitamin as I don't usually get enough.nbsp;

    Just heads up you probably need a seperate calcium supplement. I take 500 mg twice daily which is more in line of what u need
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  • Yup! I love them!!


  • Yes. I use them and love them! I buy them from amazon and are faily inexpensive. 

    I take them at night before bed and have never had any problems. 

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  • I take them.  No iron means no upset stomach. 

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