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Any ideas on weight gain?

Not a whole bunch but we had a well child visit today at the pedi and DS 18 months, is 33 1/2 inches and 24 lbs. The doc said hes 90th percentile for height but he hasnt gained a single pound since his last visit which was a while ago due to us having to reschedule his visits for one reason or another. She said she wasn't super concerned but by his 2yr visit she would like to see an improvement. She said for him to have a pediasure each day and I gave it to him when we got home and he shivered and refused to take another drink. He doesnt lack in the food department thats for sure but I just dont know what foods are good for gaining a few pounds. My friend told me to give him a brownie every night. I side eyed and said "yea right" lol.

Re: Any ideas on weight gain?

  • My son stopped gaining because of his oral sensitivities and I put peanut butter in almost everything he eats. It has helped him not lose weight and peanut butter is the only protein he will eat. 

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  • My son is on a "high-fat/high-calorie diet) we offer high-fat foods such as:


    -peanut butter

    - melted butter in/on everything (even in his oatmeal)

    - cream cheese

    - full-fat yogurt  (both alone and mixed into smoothies and baked goods)

    - baked goods with butter and greek yogurt.

    - sausage- we do Applegate breakfast sausage because they are organic and nitrate-free

    - crackers get coated with peanut butter, butter, cream cheese, or avocado. 

    Mine won't drink pediasure, pediasmart, or even chocolate milk so we just sort of gave up on those.

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  • My daughter initially refused the vanilla pedisure (even mixed with milk). I got the strawberry flavor and started mixing it without milk and now she will drink it.  
  • Honestly, I think your pedi is a bit extreme for what sounds like a perfectly avg. healthy 18 month old. Weight levels at some point after 18 months. I'd think your LO just hit that phase right on. From what you post it doesn't sound like your child is completely off the chart little where this would be a worry.

    I'd ask the pedi to clarify what the big deal is over it before I do something stressful/drastic.

    My 18 month old was just at the dr. last week for a well visit. She was 33 inches and 25 pounds even. She gained an oz. since her last checkup..which an oz..whatever..that's more margin of error than anything. That put her pretty much smack dab in avg. on the chart. All my pedi says was, "Looks good! Keep eating healthy. Keep playing. See you at 2 yrs."

  • Maybe peanut butter and avocado. They're fatty, but with the good fats. Try the pedia sure again too.
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  • I'm not trying to be judgy here, but I would not give my kid pediasure. The first two ingredients are water and sugar, the rest is milk proteins and oil and then less than 0.5% is essentially a multivitamin.  Basically give your kid a glass of milk and a multivitamin and you've done the same as pediasure with about 1/2 the amount of sugar.

    I think PP have suggested some good ways to help ensure plenty of healthy fats and nutrients in LO's diet. But ITA with dairy, that your LO sounds fine to me anyway.

  • A 24 lb 18 month old doesn't sound like he needs to be fattened up. He may not have gained much since last appt (which you don't say when it was), but toddlers between the ages of 1 and 2 don't pack on the lbs like they do when they're under 1. Also, there are so many factors that can throw off the weight measurement, and when you're talking about a 24 lb toddler, little things like a different scale, different clothing, having just eaten, having to poop, having just pooped, etc. can add up. If they're active, happy and acting normally, I wouldn't worry about it.

    DD, from what I can tell, hasn't gained any weight from her 18 month appt and I'm not concerned.


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  • image LalaMama81:

    I would follow a plan like this - also olive oil, flax seed oil & coconut oil, before I'd just add a few pediasures in.

    We also do sunflower seed butter.   

  • I dont really post much, since I am so busy with my LO's but we have struggled with DS gaining weight too.

    I do offer him a little pediasure, but only when he's been teething a ton and has refused to eat his normal amount of food. I have found that at least in our case, he loves to "graze". Breakfast I make up and cut into bite size pieces and put into a bowl that he can pick out ( bread with butter or PB, egg and cheese, banana). Same with lunch. I also offer small snacks in a carry cup throughout the day. Dinner is in the highchair. But just letting him eat as he wants has been a huge help for us. All the healthy foods listed above are great too, DS loves avacado.

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