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not sleeping at night

 My daughter is 2 months old and refuses to sleep at night.  She sleeps more during the day. The doctor told us to get her on a schedule. I breast feed her. Has anyone else been through this where there baby has the days and night mixed up and what is your schedule?

Re: not sleeping at night

  • Easy for the Dr to say, harder to do. With my LO we roughly follow E.A.S.Y. So, when she wakes up, I feed her, then we play ( she's awake 1-2 hours total ) then back down for nap. I just have to really watch for tired cues or she turns into an overtired mess. 

    Try to do things that differentiate day from night. Lights and noises during the day. Dark and quiet with white noise or swaddling or whatever works  at night. I try to stick to a very simple bedtime routine. Change into pjs, nurse, snuggle, and sleep. At night is really the only time she sleeps after eating. 

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  • We woke A up every 3 hours during the day and made sure she stayed awake for a little bit after each time she ate. Keep it really light, have noise of some sort, and then at night we made it dark, and quiet and didn't wake her up to eat. It took about a day and a half for her to not be up all night.
    We did this at a week old, and we haven't had day/night issues since.
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  • PPs already covered what I was going to say.

    From the day we brought Cu home, lights and noise during the day, and I mean whatever we would normally do. We do NOT tiptoe around this house.

    And at night, the lights get dimmed or go out, white noise comes on. I'll smile back to him in his crib, but otherwise there's no other stimulation.

    I also change his outfits; I don't know that that helps or doesn't do anything, but at night he gets his jammies on.

    Just make the day fun, where she wants to be awake more. Toys, bathtime (if she likes bath time), depending on the weather go outside, or sit her right in front of the window so she can look out...

    I'm really surprised you made it to two months with her schedule still being reversed. I'd be a sleepy, drained mess!

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