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XP-Online Baby Book Suggestions

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The milestones are happening too fast and I haven't put anything down in a baby book for little sister, yet.  She just started walking for real, yesterday along with her 3rd, 4th, and 5th teeth sprouting.  I can't seem to manage the handwritten book type like I did so diligently with big brother not that long ago.  Anyone have a site they like to record these great moments (similar to the hardcover, real versions you write in)?  Maybe a site that allows adding photos to the special pages, too, for free or a nominal fee to print after baby's first year? Thanks so much!

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Re: XP-Online Baby Book Suggestions

  • I keep all the milestones recorded online on When you join and make a profile you can use the "Timeline" feature, where they list all kinds of milestones (you can add your own too) and all you have to do is to add the date, plus any kind of comments, photos, etc. too. It's very easy and convenient until I find the time to put it all together in a baby book. Big Smile
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  • I did Shutterfly books, and uploaded pics with the milestones as I went. Printed them at the end on the first year, it was easy. I am backtracking on my oldest two since not much of theirs is on digital.
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