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What should mom wear home from the hospital?

Packing my hospital bag and trying to figure out what I should wear home from the hospital.  Surely there will be lots of cute photo ops, but should I just go for comfort andwho nice yoga pants?  I was going to do nice jeans, sweater and boots but maybe I won't feel like looking pretty?

Re: What should mom wear home from the hospital?

  • I'm doing loose track pants and a comfy long sleeve top & my uggs. Not goin for sexy at all! I remember walking funny after my daughter.. I'm assuming this time won't be too different. Plus, how sexy can you feel wearing pads the size of diapers. LOL! 
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  • I packed yoga pants and a cotton l/s shirt. I highly doubt I'll feel like putting on a fashion show lol, but to each their own. Plus if you live where it's cold you may be in a coat. 

    You could always wear comfy pants but bring a nicer cardigan/zip up sweater. 


  • yoga pants are probably going to be a bad idea considering they show off your shape... and the shape of a huge pad doesn't seem like something I.want people to see lol
  • I am going to wear jeans and a tshirt.  Lke pp said, the huge pad will show through yoga pants.

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  • The only clothes I'm taking are older sweat pants and Tshirts. I'll go home in sweats. I have no interest in trying to look that nice just to be wheeled down from the maternity floor and out to the car.
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  • Sweatpants and a smile. 
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    Yoga pants, nursing tank, and a zip up fleece hoodie. Comfort is the key! Also moccasins or uggs are a good idea if your feet get hugely swollen like mine did.

    I rocked the same! Gah after a few days even my uggs didn't fit with my massive feet!!

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  • Honestly with DD I don't remember stand or walking when leaving the hospital they brought me a wheelchair and rolled us out so I would not worry about a pad showing in my clothing. I mean really my husband knows I have on a giant pad and if he can't get over seeing its outline stop looking at my butt.

    I will just wear something comfortable sweats or jeans who knows depends on how I feel and if my clothing makes it to the hospital this time. With DD I wore home the clothing I was admitted in because it was the only clothing I had.

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  • Not going to lie, I know I will be feeling like crap, so I really don't give a DAMN how I look going home! I'll go for some dark coloured cheap PJ bottoms from walmart in a big size, and probably a long sleeved shirt with flip flops. I don't even care for like a week or two how I look in ANYTHING and told my DH so haha. After a week or two I will get back into my routine of nicer dressing and styling my hair, ect.
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    Sweatpants and a smile.nbsp;




  • image kleigh926:
    The only clothes I'm taking are older sweat pants and Tshirts. I'll go home in sweats. I have no interest in trying to look that nice just to be wheeled down from the maternity floor and out to the car.

    All of this. I'll likely wear my obnoxious fleece pj bottoms my daughter got me for Christmas...they have santa's on them, but they fit very comfortably.

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  • I'm bringing mat jeans but I may end up in yoga pants depending on how rough my vajay is doing. Jeans... friction... raw ladybits = no good.
  • Honestly, I didn't want to wear real clothes for days after DD's birth. I wanted to be comfortable. As for going home, I will be wearing yoga pants, a tee shirt, jacket, and sneakers or uggs. I feel no need to be "cute" when going home (and no one is expecting me to be cute). Especially considering once I get home I will probably want to shower and then sleep, haha. I have plenty of pictures after we got home and I certainly didn't look like a beauty queen. Plus, I cared more about getting pictures of DD than of me! The one day I will make an effort to look good will be the day the photographer comes for NB pictures.
  • I've got maternity lounge/sweat pants and a matching zip up hoodie to wear, with tennis shoes.  I've packed a smaller maternity shirt to wear under.

    I'm going for comfort!

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  • I packed a velour sweatsuit, long sleeved T and will be wearing tennis shoes home. My feet didn't swell the 1st time so hopefully they won't this time either. I can't remember what I wore home last time - probably workout pants and a T-shirt.
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