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AW: Proud mama!!

Arianna started rolling over today!! I wasn't expecting that to happen for another month! When I saw she was going to do it I almost killed myself tripping over my feet to get the camera, but I managed to get a video!
Tummy time is going to be completely different from now on.
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Re: AW: Proud mama!!

  • yaaayy!!! how exciting! Roll baby roll!!!!

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  • Yay!!!! Tummy time will never be the same! I can't get Kaley to stop rolling.
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    I made rachelmichelle1 my bitch.
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  • My lil man rolled over about three times so far... I was waiting for him to start doing it like crazy but he hasn't! I dont think he likes ending up on his tummy. He is just now starting to "like" tummy time on the floor. It only last a couple min's still though.

    He keeps trying to sit up now, he is a strong lil guy! I'm surprised at how determined he seems to get! 

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  • Congrats!  My DS is getting close ;)  Today he was leaning towards the side, and kind of shaking his butt, and I was like, "YESSSS!" - grabbed the phone to record, and . . . then.nothing.nada.silch.

    Getting there though! 


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  • Congrats! That's awesome! H thinks tummy time is a fate worse than death, so we've got a ways to go here.

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  • She's done it 7 or 8 times today. So proud of my lil baby!
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  • Awh yay! Super exciting! I can't wait for B to get his rolley-polley on!
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