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MIL Weirdness

So we hadn't seen my MIL in 2 or 3 weeks and she was dying to see him. We met for lunch yesterday and spent the afternoon together having coffee afterwards. During that time she mentioned how we need to come spend the night with them... ummmm we live 25 minutes away! WEIRD?! My hubby was like... well, mom, we can spend the day with you... hahaha

I think it may have something to do with the fact that we stay at MY parents house but that's because they live over an hour away, so OBVIOUSLY, we are going to stay there and make a weekend out of it. I just thought that was weird. She also made the comment to me yesterday that she was so happy to finally see him because she wants to make sure he knows who she is. I totally get that, but I guess I didn't think that a few weeks in between visits was a big deal... 

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Re: MIL Weirdness

  • Oh the joys of grandparent jealousy...My Mom is the jealous one, not either of my MILs (DH and I both come from broken families) are the jealous type. My one MIL watches G all week while I'm at work and it drives my mom nuts. She is to the point where she doesn't have much nice to say. RIdiculous I know.
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  • I can't relate b/c my mom babysits twice a week and SO's parents live 10 min. away.

    Really I just wanted to tell you I love your siggy pic and your baby is fricggin adorable! gah!

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  • Sounds like it's just basic Granparent jealousy - I'm sure if you didn't spend nights with your parents, she wouldn't have even suggested it.  She's probably already thinking that your DS will prefer your parents, based solely on the time spent with him . . . which isn't even accurate.  Your son will love all his grandparents regardless of the amount of "quality time" spent together :)


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  • We had the same situation. Inlaws are 12 mins away, my family is 4.5 hours. So my parents see us for a while weekend, lots of days at Christmas and then I spend a week with my parents a few times a year during my husbands super busy work times. My inlaws are jealous of that but they see the forks multiple times during the week and get sleepovers with the oldest. Mg mil also asked us to spend the night before dd was big enough to stay on her own and dh told her that was crazy. She is still super jealous of my mom, especially since my mom just spent a week with us then I in turn went back with her for the week. Dh will barely be home this week and the two year old is in the peak of her terribleness. However, my mother in law is amazing and such a help. I've never had to pay a babysitter and whenever I'm ready to crack she comes to the rescue. Babies just do weird things to people.
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  • I was also not expecting all of the craziness that goes along with becoming a grandparent.

    My mom works weekends and has Wednesdays off so she typically will come visit for a few hours but lets me do my thing. If I need to take a shower or run errands she is more than happy to help out. Other wise we just catch up or do some cooking. She has been visiting me like this weekly for about a year.

    This drives my MIL absolutely nuts. She sent me the biggest guilt trip text after she found out my mom watched B for an hour when I went and got my hair cut saying she could of done it. (She lives 2 hours away and was working)

    (MIL visits tend to be all about her. She won't let anyone else hold him and is in his face 24/7 saying things like "Grandma is better than mommy"...)

    She is also SO paranoid LO will not know who she is... it's been two weeks lady - chill out.


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  • So 30min away = daytrip and 1hr away = a whole weekend? That is odd to me. I don't consider an hour away to be a big deal to drive and wouldn't make a weekend of it. So I kinda get why your MIL is unhappy with the difference.

    Can you arrange weekly visits with your MIL? Maybe she could watch him for an hour every week while you run errands or get your nails done? (Trust me, even if you're not dying for the alone time now, you will be eventually!)

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