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Silly, but Worried Momma

So, LO is 10 months old, and she was slow to start eating. She stopped pushing food out at around 8 months, and so up to this point, we have gotten to stage 3 foods, which she is not a huge fan of, but we do carrots, pears, puffs (which she cant get enough of), gerber garden snacks (which are like puffs), and she liked stew veggies. She still gags a good amount, but I really feel like I need to start getting her to eat more table food. I worry that at 12 months when we take her off formula, she wont be getting enough vitamins. I guess I need to stop worrying and know she will figure it out? Our doc told us to stay away from eggs, but it seems like from what I have read from other posts, I could try cheese and yogurt? I just worry she is behind with eating and I dont want to raise a picky eater!! Any help would be great!
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Re: Silly, but Worried Momma

  • Unless your doc said not too because of some dairy issue, cheese and yogurt should be fine. We started at 6 months. For yogurt you just need to get a full fat kind we buy a tub of plain from Trader Joes or the regular grocery store, and then mix in a fruit puree or applesauce or a mashed banana. The kinds that are flavored already usually have extra sugar.
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  • We actually do feed DD whole eggs.  The pedi said they usually say to stay away from eggs until 1 year, but if there is no allergies to food in the family and she didn't have a reaction, then it was fine.
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  • Every baby is different. DDs doctor said she could start having whole milk sometimes in a few weeks. I don't know how I feel about that though. We were also told DD could have eggs, scrambled.  Gerber makes yogurt stuff with whole grains if you haven't tried those. 

    We like mini pancakes. I cut those up pretty small and she likes to eat those. 

    My baby would eat an entire container of puffs if I would let her. ;) 


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  • DS was a little slow to catch on to solids. He is doing good now though. Try offering one finger food plus one puree at each meal (3x a day). The finger food would distract him enough so he would let me feed him the puree (or yogurt, etc).

    Here are some of the foods he loved at 10 mos:

    - Puffs

    - Red grapes cut up into 6 pieces

    - Avacado 

    - cheese squares

    - Peas

    - Yogurt (Yo Baby)

    - Cottage cheese

    - wheat bread torn up into chunks

    - Mini pasta wheels 

    - Cut up fruits like cantaloupe or honeydew 

    Cheese and yogurt are fine now, it's just the egg white that is best avoided before 1 year (but I think egg ingredients in things are fine). 

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