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Stupid Gap.

It's really getting near time that I could use an extra long sleeved maternity shirt or two. I LOVE Gap's pure body line of maternity stuff; the tanks and l/s shirts are the freaking best. So soft, long enough, stretchy.

Aaand they having had anything but XL and XXL in stock. I've been checking since mid November. WT crapola, Gap? NOW is when they're needed. Wah wah.

So anyway, anyone find any other soft, stretchy, comfy long sleeves shirts they love?
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Re: Stupid Gap.

  • Gap are the only ones I've bought that didn't shrink dramatically. Stupid gap, restock dang it!
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  • I got a couple from motherhood last weekend. They're probably not as comfy as the ones from Gap but they're not terrible.


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  • So true!  I keep checking their website hoping they have something below a L or XL.  I found some good t-shirts there before Christmas, but since then they have been almost out of stock.

     I picked up a few at Macy's (Motherhood brand) but they are pretty thin.  I am going to try the ones at Target next. 

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  • Target actually had some nice ones last week. Try there!

    I'm not new. I just hate The Bump. 

  • I just bought some new l/s shirts at H&M last week.  Not expensive and super comfy!  and in size small:)
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  • I just bought a few last weekend at Kohl's. I have now worn them all and they were really soft and comfy.
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  • Order them online!
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  • I like my Old Navy long sleeves, probably not as comfy as the Gap ones but I got them on sale for 4.50 so I can't complain.
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  • Agreed on the gap rant!  I have even considered complaining--they are terrible at only having the really large sizes.
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