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Llamama question about your kitty rescue

How did you get involved in that and what does it usually entail?

Re: Llamama question about your kitty rescue

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    I kind of fell into it by accident.  I was at my local Pet Co and there were cages of cats and kittens all looking for homes.  I was looking at them--I always do because I love kittens--and the Rescue volunteer sitting there asked me if I was interested in adopting.  I said I was not at that time.  Then she asked if I ever considered fostering.  I didn't think I could because I had other cats but as soon as she told me I could, I was in!  The next weekend I had a litter of 5 adorable babies to care for.  Where I live we have kittens that need rescuing year round.  I have had as few as 2 kittens to as many as 15.  It can be messy and a lot of work but SO much fun too.  :)

    I am not sure if all rescues work the same, but with mine:

    They provide all food, litter, vaccinations and medications.  I just have to love them,get them used to being in a home, clean up after them and drive them to Pet Co on weekends so they can be seen by interested adopters.  I just drop them off at 12 and pick up whomever has not been adopted at 5. 

    Sometimes I get really tiny babies that are just scared and need a few days to adjust.  Other times I get older kittens that may have had a rough start (living on the street, in an animal hoarders home,etc) and I have to get them to trust me and not be afraid before I can start touching them.  

    I have had over 60 kittens in the last 2 yrs and they all went on to be adopted.  It is a very rewarding thing to be a part of.  :)



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    Llama....that is so awesome!!!

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    that is really neat I will need to look into it.
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    imageTigger & pooh:
    that is really neat I will need to look into it.


    You should!  It's like having a new kitten ALL the time.  And you do get attached to them but knowing that you will get new ones right after your current fosters are adopted makes letting them go a little easier.  I have to admit I have fallen in love with a couple of them and just couldn't let them go... but keeping 2 out of 60 isn't too!

    Me: 40 Dh: 41, TTC since August 2009, began Acupuncture and Herbs Sept 2011, began Temping and Charting Nov 2011. image
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    Aw ... you're doing a great thing, Llama!
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    Tigger : I  noticed on another post you might be in the Seattle, WA area.

    We adopted Alice from Kitty Harbor :) great organization always looking for folks to help foster pets. They are in West Seattle

    Also, I know we have MEOW in the Kirland / Redmond area... I haven't dealt with them much.

    Just thought I'd chime in :)

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