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The Birth Cottage Vs. Concord Birthing Center

I am considering these two places to have my baby I am only 6 weeks pregnant, but I have known I don't want to have a hospital birth if I can help it but I don't want my first experience at home. 

 Anyone have any experience with these places? They both look beautiful. 


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Re: The Birth Cottage Vs. Concord Birthing Center

  • I am using Concord Birth Center. I am planning a home birth. I live very close by. It just makes sense for me to do it at home. The midwives are really nice and knowledgable. I switched to them from Concord OBGYN when I was 27 weeks. I'm 38 weeks now. I have all my appointments at the birth center though. I wouldn't mind giving birth there.

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  • Hey Thanks so much! I have an appointment with them to tour the facility and what not on the 26th of February. 

    So you must be in the concord area, I am too! :-)


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  • Yes, I'm right in Concord. I'm actually only 5 minutes from the birth center so it's really convenient - especially since I go in every week at this point. I'm 39 weeks so I'm ready to pop any day now! :-)

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  • Awesome! congrats! You'll have to tell me about how your home birth goes! I have heard a lot of good things about Kate and the midwives at the center. I believe she also does a prenatal yoga class. Once I'm a little further along I plan on taking that with her. 

     I'm about 7 minutes away from the center in North East Concord. :-) Glad to see there are some people in the area. This board is so quiet, makes you feel like the only pg lady in NH. LOL 


    Good luck, and calm vibes coming your way :-)  

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  • Thanks!

    I know, this board is VERY quiet. I usually check it just in case though.

    Kate is my favorite but Cindy is very nice and Ana, the student midwife, is also very nice.

    I'm sure I will post my birth story on here.



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  • I went to the Birth Cottage in Milford, i really really liked them they informed me on way more than my original OBGYN did in the beginning when i was a first time mom i expected more info at each visit and was not getting anything. Going to the Birth Cottage they gave me information and options. I loved it until the very end of my pregnancy when they were telling me my baby was head down, really low ready to go etc. etc. and i was going on 11 days late so they sent me for a non-stress test and they do an U/S before, well that determined my baby was breech butt down head and legs up. Needless to say i had this feeling in me that it was her head that was pressing on the top of my belly but them being the experts i believed it must have been her butt. Lesson learned go with what you feel and have it checked out. They kept hearing the hearbeat low, they used one of those stethescope type things to listen and had me listen and i could barely hear anything which right there should have told me and them the heart was not near by but again first timer i didnt think to question it. I live about 35 minutes away so i wont be going back for my 2nd since it is out of the way, but if i lived closer i would go back knowing what i know now. But i just feel i wasted a lot of time hoping for a natural no hospital birth and ended up on the complete opposite side of the fence with a C-Section. Good luck hope you have a wonderful experience!
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  • I'm currently 6w3d pregnant with my first and I"m looking for a place to go, preferably the Concord Birthing Center.  What kind of tests to they do at appointments?  I'm scared of a lot of invasive stuff.  How often did you have appts?
  • I'm planning a home birth using Sarah Bay (who is the CNM on staff at the Birth Cottage). I've already had well-woman visits with her before becoming pregnant. I was personally looking for a CNM over a direct-entry midwife for my first and she's the only one in the area that also does home births. 
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