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family board games recs wanted

Looking for some fun board game suggestions.  I'm getting sick of Memory and Candyland!  My girls are 3 & 5 so ideally something we all could play as a family.  I've seen the board game aisle at Target and want to go in prepared!

DD#1 5 years DD#2 3 years

Re: family board games recs wanted

  • Sequence for Kids (or Jr - can't remember what it is called). DD loves it.

  • We got Don't Break the Ice for Christmas and DD age 3 loves it!! And, we like chutes and ladders :
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  • Hungry hippos, go fish, zingo

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  • Right now, DD's favorite game is Trouble. 
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  • DS loves chutes and ladders!
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  • I have a three and a five year old too, here are some favorites: Zingo, Uno Moo, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh. But the most popular right now is Looping Louie, we got it for Christmas and it is a lot of fun for all ages.
  • Trouble, Set, Chutes and Ladders, the Fancy Nancy Big Easy(I think), Penguins on Ice.  Candyland.  Guess Who, Rummikub (we have the Nickelodeon version).  We're starting dominos.  War is fun, too.  I got Uno, but am thinking about going back for the animal/farm version to introduce the concept, not sure.  My oldest just turned 5, twins are 3.5...
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  • I Can Do That Cat in the Hat game. Go fish, old maid.
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  • Loopin Louie is the best board game ever made.  The rules are simple and even YOU will enjoy playing it because it's not annoying. You'll have to order it off Amazon because stores don't carry it.  Spot It is also really fun and easy. 
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  • DS is obsessed with Hullabaloo. We play it as a family, and he can also play it by himself (which he does, every day since Christmas). I like it because it involves more gross motor movement, which also appeals to my son.

    Uno Moo is also pretty entertaining as well.  


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  • Cat in the Hat I can do it.  Busytown Airport.  Hold On Scooby Doo! Loopin Louie.  Memory.


    I really dislike games like Candyland, Hi Ho Cherry O and Chutes & Ladders.  I don't have the patience.  DS plays those games with his cousins and loves it.

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  • Thanks for all the recommendations!  Looking forward to trying out some new games.


    DD#1 5 years DD#2 3 years
  • some games we love to play is sneaky squiral, and tumble monkey. They are both short games which can be played over and over again.

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