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Beachwood Canyon or Hollywood Preggos

Hi everyone,

I'm new to these boards and only 8 weeks along. I'm wondering if anyone is in my area.

 Also, I mostly work from home teaching online courses, and the nausea has been so rough that it's a good day if I am able to go to the store or make dinner. It's been so nice out lately, and I wish I could find the energy and calm stomach to take the dogs up to the park, hike, or do yoga but I've been living like a hermit for the past few weeks because of the nausea. I try to be grateful for it because we tried so hard to get pregnant, and I would rather feel sick than not have a baby on the way, but I can't wait until I feel better!

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Re: Beachwood Canyon or Hollywood Preggos

  • not in that area, but can totally relate to everything your feeling. i've been nauseous, super lazy and my increased sense of smell makes food difficult, i have to sometimes talk myself into getting up to pee or brush my teeth once i lay down after work. i even talked myself into taking a bar method class yesterday hoping for that surge of energy i use to get after working out, but nope, still felt sick during and afterwards. i hear it gets better, the thing that keeps me feeling a bit less miserable is what a friend told me, that all my symptoms are normal in pregnancy and if i feel terrible that means that there's a healthy baby in my belly! plus we had an ultrasound yesterday and we actually saw a very tiny baby thats posted on our fridge now and makes me happy every time i walk by it, which isn't very often because as i mentioned earlier i do a lot of laying down now. good luck!
  • Thanks and good luck to you too!

    We saw the baby move today, and it blew me away!
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