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Does a Family Care Plan have to be notarized?

Just asking because I was reading about it and it looks like it does have t be notarized prior to a deployment and currently ours is NOT but it needs to be if it's required.  My husband says the FCPs of all his Marines go with them to their destination (says he took them all up and will hand them over to the 1st Sgt) and that they are kept by the 1st Sgt on the deployment???  This does not even sound like it makes sense to me.  I asked how they would get in touch with the person overseas with this important info should I get in a wreck, be found unconscious etc and he said it could take 24-48 hours.  I want the person designated on my form to get my child as soon as possible....not 24-48 hours later.  Explain??
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Re: Does a Family Care Plan have to be notarized?

  • His Family Car Plan and your Emergency Child Care Plan are two different things.  He is right.  His FCP is filled out and signed along with his other legal work and are kept with his unit in his packet.  That says that you will take care of the children if something should happen to him.  

    You need a separate form.  It is a springing durable power of attorney for guardianship.  It is also called an Emergency Data Sheet.  You should be able to get one at JAG.  It does need to be notarized, but you do not need your husband present to do so. You can also find them online to download.  Our FRSA keeps them on file.  

    Your husband's family care plan will not help you in any way if you are in an accident.  You need to have one of the springing POAs filled out.  After you notarize it, give a copy of it to the person you list on it.  Make sure they know where the original copy is because they will need it.   You also need to keep that information on a card in your wallet right behind your ID so emergency workers will know what school your kids go to or where they stay, who your emergency guardian is, number to your husband's read D command, and your husband's information is.  

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