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f/u to underwear post...


 Cooper will let me put the underwear on him (or pull ups) and within about 2 minutes he wants them off and will start crying like he's been hit until we get them off him. 

Any ideas why?  

he's doing great with the naked training. hasn't pooped yet (has in past, not since we've been more active) but no accidents (yet).


Re: f/u to underwear post...

  • Sophie is doing this sometimes when we tell her to go potty and she's playing or whatever- it's a control thing.  I'm just letting it go.  Try giving him a choice- pull up or underwear.  Several times a day.  We did that for a few weeks and Sophie always picked pull up.  Then one day, she said panties.  We made such a big deal about her picking panties that she kept choosing them.   






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  • I'm gonna keep trying but the response is the same for both.  Puts it on, acts excited, wants it off, meltdown.  All in a 15 second span.
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