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Can we talk grocery stores?!

Back east, Publix is the place to go, it's grocery store heaven. We've been going to Safeway, but every week I'm disappointed in the produce selection and my fish always smell fishy when I get home. 

How are King Soopers and Sprouts in comparison to Safeway? Or is there any other grocery store I don't know about (other than Whole Foods)? 

I had a friend recommend trying a produce delivery service, anyone use one? 

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Re: Can we talk grocery stores?!

  • We do our usual grocery shopping at King Soopers. Depending on the time of year, some produce can be lacking (i.e. onions in the winter), but the prices are usually pretty good and if you get their king soopers card, you save on gas as well. I don't eat fish, but my husband has gotten fish from them before and liked it.

    I've been to sprouts only a couple times and found them to be pretty expensive for most stuff, although that might just be my opinion. 

    They're supposedly opening up a Trader Joes sometime this year though. That I can't wait for! 

  • Awesome! I'm excited about Trader Joe's. I've never been in one, but I've heard nothing but good things!
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  • I LOVE trader joes. When we lived in SF, we used to go there for food all the time. Their prices were amazing. The don't have AS much in the way of produce as a regular grocery store, but you can find some pretty good stuff in there. We usually did a combination of regular grocery store and stocked up on trader joes frozen food. Plus, if you're a huge wine snob and just like drinking some wine, they have a pretty good, decently priced selection. I think I've heard that the Denver store is going to be the one that has the wine shop, but it may end up being the Boulder store, I'm not entirely sure...either way, that's where I'll be going!
  • I find the grocery shopping to be sub-par here as well.  We are from Ohio originally and have lived in Minnesota as well.  I always thought Safeway was supposed to be a nice store but now that I live with them I would have to say not so much. 

    We never had Publix but a lot of my family lives in the south.  I was just telling my husband how I would love one here the other day!  I would definitely say there is nothing as good as Publix here that I have found.  I can't think of anyhting else you might try unless there is an Albertson's by you but I wouldn't classify them as better either.

  • There is a big difference in grocery stores depending on where you are. Kings is definitely better than Safeway. Vitamin cottage can be good but the smaller stores will have less produce. There are some great organic farms that do produce delivery!
  • I LOVE king soopers. It is the best grocery store I've found here. I'm from back east too
  • I am a recent transplant from SF and I also cannot wait for TJ's to open. I always did most of my shopping there.
  • image jamee722:
    I am a recent transplant from SF and I also cannot wait for TJ's to open. I always did most of my shopping there.

    Where in SF did you live? We moved from there almost 3 years ago now. We sooo miss the food from there!

  • Just wanted to chime in on the produce delivery services. I do Door to Door Organics thru my work. I get it could get it more or less. I do the fruit/veg box and the smallest one is about 25/box. Pretty pricey, but the produce is gorgeous. Seriously. Beautiful, tasty, fresh. if you don't like what they deliver in your box one week, you can substitute out up to 5 things, which is nice.

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  • Sprouts is best quality and prices for fresh items, but dry goods get pricey. King Soopers is the best for dry goods, but be selective about which one you go to. Where do you live? If you live around Denver I can point you towards a good one.

    Sadly, nothing touches Publix around here. :/
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  • We live in Littleton, the closest King Soopers is on Mineral and Broadway, it's The Safeway here is pretty new looking and is nice. I think I'll give Sprouts produce a try. I just found out about the Metro Denver Farmer's markets, anyone go to those?
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