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Hospital Recommendation - Palm Beach area

Hi! I am actually a lurker from Boston but I am going to be taking a trip to West Palm Beach when I will be around 32 weeks. Just in case I have any issues, I want to have info on the best hospital in the area...does anyone have any recommendations?



Re: Hospital Recommendation - Palm Beach area

  • Wellington regional medical center in Wellington, fl has an amazing maternal services dept, as well as a state of the art level 3 nicu.  They have staff on 24/7 for emergency c-sections if needed.  Other than that I'd say st Mary's medical center in west palm beach, they also have a level 3 nicu and are one of the areas 2 trauma hospitals. But IMO, either of those out of the dozen in the area because of the level 3 nicu, you want what's best for baby. 
  • I agree Wellington Regional 
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  • Thank you so much! Hopefully, I won't need it!
  • The other posters are right - St. Mary's or Wellington Regional are both solid choices. NICU Level 3. I delivered at Palms West Hospital and had a good experience. But they are only level 1. You are in good hands, though. Hopefully it won't be an issue while you're visiting. Best [email protected]
  • I plan on going to Wellington to deliver this summer. However, I've recently heard that they have one of the smallest maternity floors in the Palm Beach area. Is this true? Is that a problem for me? I don't know... I never considered why a larger facility would be necessary. I plan on taking a tour soon but didn't know when I should... I am almost 5 months.
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