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Hi ladies!

I have a question for those of you here on/near U.S. military bases:

I'm really dissatisfied with the selection of cribs and other nursery furniture here in Germany and was hoping you could shed some light on what is available on base. I would check myself, but have no access - just a regular civilian - I moved over to be with my boyfriend (now husband). However, my brother will be TDY at Ramstein AFB (this will be my ticket to access the wonderful world of the exchange..) and I've heard they have a great bx.  Anyone know about their baby furniture selection? Do they sell models/brands that are available in the states?  Same goes for other bx/px's, as we can travel around a bit while he's here.

Just figured I'd scope it out before he gets here, as I don't want to wait to buy if it turns out the selection on base is the same as everywhere else here.



Re: Moms in Germany

  • How convienent!! We are stationed at Ramstein now :) Unfortunately I DO NOT care for any of the furniture at the BX. I am hoping to get mine shipped over. (to me it all looks cheap) Depends on the type that you want....IKEA has furniture, ToysRUs may ship it to their store if you order it online I am not sure I haven't checked it out (I'm only 5 weeks) The BX is huge, but I find the selections to be OK (I have seen better)

    Hope this helps!


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  • Hi, I am in Stuttgart.

    Our furniture store here is crappy. Low quality (but inexpensive, if that is the most important thing) and I didn't like any of it.

    I was pregnant when we PCS-ed over here, so I bought my crib at Target and shipped it with our HHG.

    Had I already been here when I got pregnant, I would have bought our crib at Ikea, they have some really cute, simple cribs.

    I have been to the Ramstein BX, I don't think it's that great, sorry!

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  • Just to let you know the one in Heidelberg has no baby furniture.
  • Obviously I'm not in Germany, but all of LO's nursery furniture is from Ikea and we honestly love it.  We have the Gulliver crib in natural and the Hemnes dresser is also a great kids piece.
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  • I have nothing to do with the military, but I'm in Germany and just wanted to share a link to the crib we got with DD and absolutely love(d). It starts as a co-sleeper (if you want), then converts to a crib by switching out the open side, then converts to a toddler bed by taking off that side.

    DD is currently still in hers as a crib, so we got a second one for the LO who's due in a few weeks. And since the co-sleeper option has a zip-up cloth side on the open side, we usually had it zipped up when we would put DD down for the night both so she couldn't roll out and so it would feel like it was her own space. I don't know if that contributed at all, but when we moved it into her room when she was 8 months old, it didn't phase her at all. I was worried about it, but I didn't even feel like she noticed. She was still falling asleep in her own space like she was used to.

    ETA: FTR, we didn't use any of the bedding that came with it, just in case the big fluffy bumpers, pillow, and blanket freak you out. :-)

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  • Hi Terri!

    I was in Heidelberg, now Wiesbaden.  A friend of mine ordered my crib from the aafes website through his PX.  I just sent him the link to the one I wanted, he took it into the PX and it was here in about a month and a half.  The bad part is it takes awhile, the good part is, the selection online is much better than you're going to get at ANY PX here or even IKEA!



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  • I was just researching cribs yesterday.  I don't have any military connections but was at the Toys R Us in Munich to check out the selection.  I agree, it wasn't that great.  

    For us, the issue is that we'll only be in Germany for a little over a year.  And the crib and mattress sizes are different from the US.  So we're leaning towards just trying to get one from the states.  

    But Ikea would be our next option. 

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  • I'm totally with you the cribs over here are so ugly. We finally found a Dutch brand called Kidsmill that made cuter stuff and shipped to Germany. They're not cheap what is over here? but we were really lucky then and found one used on Toytown.
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