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Virtual Baby showers?

Did any of you have a virtual baby shower? How did you do it? I'm living in sydney and from New Jersey. There isn't a site to register that makes it easy for people at home to purchase gifts. Well at least that I can find. Any advice on the whole virtual event welcome!

Re: Virtual Baby showers?

  • We have been looking into this as well. It's not really practical for any of the furniture that usually goes on registries to be sent over to us, which leaves us with a pretty pathetic looking registry. One alternative we are considering is Amazon's registry, which allows you to add stores that aren't selling directly through amazon to your list. Don't know if this would work with stores that are based where you are but if it sounds like an option, it's worth looking into.

    We are also considering a "sip and see" instead of a shower, which would be held after the baby is here(on a visit home).

    Definitely not for everyone, but we think it may just work for us in our unique situation.  

    Hope you find something that works for you! 

  • My personal opinion but I feel it is not really something that teh pregnant woman determins. I think it is super tacky to say lets have a virtual shower for me here is my registry. You could make a registry somewhere in OZ that people can pay with a credit card (or give your parents word document a list with links to websites) and have stuff shipped to you for if people ask what to get you other than that some will give money some will send clothes and from some you will just get a nice card or e-mail of congrats on the pregnancy or baby. That is just how it is if you don't live near your family and friends. If showers are somethiong they do in OZ maybe someone there will decide to do something for you.

    We had a baby naming for both of my kids when they were about 6 months old and we took them to the states for a visit. So we had a small party then and people got to meet them and some brought gifts although we said not to.

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  • There's a site hereyay Sydney !! I'll look up the name for you
    We decided to just do a meet the baby party when we took dd to the states when she was 3 months old instead :
  • Looks like and baby kingdom do registries : check on baby bunting too i love that store
    Btw I totally disagree with the pp, I don't think the normal rules apple when you are overseas, if someone wants to throw you a virtual shower then go for it!!
    Oh and check Myers too, they may do a registry? have free shipping
  • Thanks for the information! 

     My mom is actually planning on throwing a party at her home and having dinner and cake for the guests. She will have me on skype! So I'm not saying, please send me gifts lol

     I have to say that I don't find it tacky either. Its a bit unconventional maybe... These people want to be involved  and I've sat through weddings,  bridal, and baby showers for all them and their families. So I'm thinking one isn't so bad for them ;) 




  • Thanks! I will look into this. Shipping to Australia is very expensive but it is worth a look!

    sip and see sounds like a great idea! Let me know what you decide! 

  • I just moved to sydney and got pregnant right away. I don't have a network of friends and no family here. 

     The guests are people close to me and they would be at a party at my mother's house and I would be on Skype. So I'm not just asking for gifts to be sent to Australia. I want to be at the party too ;)

  • yea I totally get it - that sounds fun! I'd have your guests buy & send you gifts locally - SO much cheaper than sending overseas - then you could open them via the skype party!


  • My mom thought about having a virtual shower for me via skype when I was pregnant with DD. Or at least if one of my aunts asked, she was going to suggest it, but I guess it never came up? Gifts are hard, but maybe having them order on Australia's amazon site would work? That's difficult for my guests since the German amazon site is (obviously) in German so it's hard for them to navigate, but that shouldn't be a problem for US-Australia. In general, though, I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a virtual shower when you live so far away.

    Otherwise you could do a sip and see on your first visit back to the States, as others have suggested.


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  • I think for me, personally... a virtual shower would make me so sad!  It would make me feel terrible that I couldn't be there with all the people who loved me enough to get together for me even if I couldn't be there.  

    On the other hand, I am really sad that I probably won't have a shower at all.

    We'll be moving to Germany in 4 weeks and I'll be 20 weeks.  I just don't see anyone getting a party together for us in that time.  Plus, our movers are coming in 2 weeks so it'd be really difficult to get all the gifts to Germany.  There's also the fact that we haven't gotten a registry together at all.  umm... sorry...i didn't have much of a helpful answer for you. vent over.  :) 

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  • We don't have an amazon Australia :
  • Just was searching my fav baby website in Oz and it looks like they have a wish list, I assume like a registry! Just wanted to pass it on, it's such a good site !!
  • Thanks for all the input. I am wondering if it will make me sad too.  It's so hard being away from home. :(
  • Yes I can understand that, but it could be really fun too!! :
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