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Ft Bragg Ladies.. Question :)

Hi Ladies,

One of my dearest friends just PCSed to Ft Bragg and her hubby just deployed. She's got 3 kiddos and one on the way. Since I can't just take her dinner anymore, do you have any recs on places that either deliver or do prepared meals that I could set up for her? She's in Sanford. 



Re: Ft Bragg Ladies.. Question :)

  • Yikes! I have no clue what is out in Sanford! Where does she grocery shop? I use the Harris Teeter online option for grocery shopping while I'm pregnant. They gather the items and bring them out to your car. It's only $5 extra. Maybe that will work! 
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  • Hi there! I'm at Fort Bragg also and am friends with someone in my MOPS group who lives in Sanford, has three kids, and her husband is deployed. Any chance your friend is Meghan S? If so, small world! If not, carry on. And you could have pizza delivered.
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