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Any good books to prepare for new baby?

Do you have any specific book you liked to read to your firstborn in preparation for the new baby?
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Re: Any good books to prepare for new baby?

  • Hands down favorite- Baby 411.  Also really liked Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.
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  • No, not sure if it would have helped much.  I just talked about the baby in my belly and it was his brother and how to be gentle and stuff like that.  Be he had ply turned 2 three weeks before cooper got here, so he was pretty young...
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  • I would recommend going to your local library and checking out a few children's books. I know my local library has dozens of books on this subject.
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  • Oops, sorry!  I obviously did not read your post carefully enough.  :)  And I know you already have a son so I was confused and figured you were asking for a gift or something. lol  I bought several for my 3 year old when I was pregnant and I do think that the helped.  I believe Karen Katz has a few.  Do a search on Amazon.  That's where I found many good ones.  I liked the simple board books with easy text.  Just gave us some pictures to talk about.  It was also a good way to show him things he can help with when the baby comes.  Being a helper really worked for us.
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  • I haven't been on here in forever but am excited to see your post!  When are you due?  Congratulations!  We liked "I'm a big brother".  We also had another but I can't remember specifically the name.  It was the same idea.  Just anything to talk about what a cool job it is to be a big brother and how Mommy and Daddy love both of them very much.'m+a+big+brother+book&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=i'm+a+big+brother+book 

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  • We also had I'm a Big Brother and would read it about 13 times a week depending on what Owen wanted. Of course, we talked about it a lot too. The book seemed to help Owen understand and look forward to helping teach the baby how to play and help take care of him.
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  • I'm not parent yet, but I can recommend some based on being an early childhood teacher. :) 


    A Pocket Full of Kisses (sequel to The Kissing Hand, also great) by: Penn 

    Julius: Baby of the World by: Henkes  

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