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I'm addicted to home/natural birth movies

Okay, so I am addicted to home/natural birth movies and I wanted to know if there are any more good ones out there other than what I've found.

 Here's the list of movies I've watched (that I can remember):

-Pregnant in America

-Business of Being Born

-More Business of Being Born

-With Women

-Orgasmic Birth

- Gentle Births (I think, it's births from a birthing center that is now closed)

Any suggestions of other ones you've liked? Perhaps some recommends on YouTube?

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Re: I'm addicted to home/natural birth movies

  • I like this:

    I try to avoid official documentaries because they can feel somewhat propagandist. That said, I LOVE the individual birth stories! 

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    This should keep you busy :) lots of new stories uploaded all the time! 


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  • So what are your thoughts on orgasmic birth, Mrs. E? I was laughing during the one I saw bc the birthing mom was making the silliest "o" faces! Haha, my juvenile humor is clearly still intact.

    I like watching birthing docs and videos too, but sometimes the homebirth ones scare me a little and make me wonder if I will be able to labor in my home, med-free if/when the time comes.  The moaning, groaning and blood loss makes me gun shy.

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  • I really liked Orgasmic Birth. I think it is really encouraging to listen to the professionals in all of the videos talk, but in this one the births are more the focus and I really thought they were encouraging to watch. The last one made my husband and I laugh too. It's the only one where she's really loving how she's feeling during her birth and making such obvious facial expressions ;)

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