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Stool softener

So I have been extremely constipated. Well today I have been going all. Day. Long. The prescription prenatal has a stool softener do you think it would work that quickly? I took the first one yesterday and another tonight and have been twice already in the past hour. Sorry for all the information on my bathroom uses.
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  • I have taken a stool softener before (pre-PG) and it usually worked within 12 hours to one day. 

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  • Yep, thats probably it!!
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  • A stool softener shouldn't give you diarrhea though.
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    If you've been really constipated then there's probably a lot to, ummm, clear out.. so as long as it's not like diarhea (sp?) then I'd say that's it... if it continues like that though I'd give the doctor a call.

    This. I "cleaned out" when I finally had the sense to start taking a stool softener. And, it was soft, and a lot of it. After a few days of taking the stool softener I'm almost back to regular. If I stop taking it though, I get really constipated again really fast. Give it a few days.

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