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Major sinus pressure at 37 weeks?

Anyone else having sinus issues?  I know it can be a pregnancy symptom but I just don't know when to worry that it's something more like a sinus infection.  I plan on giving it another day or so and then calling my doc.



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Re: Major sinus pressure at 37 weeks?

  • Right before I had my DD in April of last year I had a major sinus infection. The pressure was insane, and I just wanted to scream. In addition to the pressure, I had a headache from hell. The doc gave me a z pack right away bc there was NO WAY I was delivering like that. The day it cleared up, I got induced. Good Luck to you. I know the pain!


  • I woke up with sinus pressure/headache today. Not fun. I haven't had this in a long time! We just ad a really strong cold front come through.
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  • Got my "lovely" present of sinus pressure yesterday. I was allowed to take a low dose Tyneol to relieve the pain, but was recommended by my DR to start using the Neti Pot. The process is slightly gross, but it works... and hey it won't be as gross as some of those diapers you'll be changing soon Wink
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  • The Neti-pots are amazing. I used the squeeze bottle and it's safe to use and gives you a good nights rest. I used it right before bed and it kinda made me sleepy, which was perfect. I could breathe all through the night just fine.
  • I'm so far beyond congested it isn't funny. Been that way for about 3 weeks now and its just due to the pregnancy... lots of extra blood + hormones = no fun! lol. You can usually tell if its turning into an infection if your nose is running more than usual, the discharge is yellow or green, or your starting to notice constant sinus headaches, tender sinuses, or fever. My nose for example is fairly dry, no headaches, and just lots of pressure and inflammation-like congestion.
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  • Thanks gals!  I am going to try my pot again tonight.  I used it earlier this week but felt like it might have made it worse.  I don't see how that could be possible but whatevs.

    So annoyed by this extra fun late pregnancy symptom.  Haven't I been through enough?!!


    Me: 38, DH: 36, MC 9/07 at 12 weeks DS: 7/25/08 TTC#2 since 11/11 BFP 5/28/12!! DD 1/31/13
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