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Preschool and taxes

This is the first year that DD is going to preschool. Are we able to deduct her preschool cost in our taxes this year?
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Re: Preschool and taxes

  • We never have.  I think there is a way to if preschool is a child care alternative... my friend works part time, her DH FT.  They write it off b/c it is part of his childcare.  I do not know the rules, but with 3 in preschool, sure wish I could!!
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  • No, only daycare. And you might hear that people do it but I would not screw with the IRS.
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  • Our preschool teacher gave all of us a form so we could claim the expense on our taxes
  • If it's daycare you can claim it.  We get a end of year statment from our daycare.  We've been able to use that for a good little bit extra back.  I think you have to be working and need the daycare (I could be totally wrong about that though) in order to get the refund. 
  • Only if both parents are working or going to school full time. I am a SAHM and my children go to Pre-K and I cannot deduct their preschool on our taxes since I am not working and I don't go to school.
  • No

    however you can run the expense through a dependent care FSA. That is legit with the IRS (I am an accountant)

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