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36 weeks, baby measuring at 9 lbs!

This is my second child. My first was 7 lbs and I thought she was hard to push out! They told me that this baby is measuring at 9 lbs.. and I can tell he is a lot bigger based on how much bigger my belly is, etc. I am a small woman, so I didn't have much fat on me before I was pregnant. Do you think this will cause me to have a c-section? Should I try any natural remedies to induce labor before he gets TOO big??

Re: 36 weeks, baby measuring at 9 lbs!

  • I was ten pounds and my mom lived to tell the tale. lol.
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  • i'm kind of shocked they haven't started pushing induction and whatnot on you.  Try to remember how much ultrasounds can be off and do not try to induce labor (though it probably wouldn't work anyways) before 37 weeks!

    That being said, my OB told me someone did a study with u/s techs, ob's, and second time moms and second time moms were the most accurate when it came to guessing the size of their unborn child.

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  • Measurements can be off, so it's quite possible he's not up to 9 pounds yet. It doesn't necessarily mean you will need a c-section- I've heard of lots of women who had 9 or 10 pound babies naturally (including my own mom with my brother). I definitely don't think you should try anything to induce labor on your own without your doctor's approval. You should be having weekly appointments from here on out, so next week I think it would be a good idea to express your concerns to the doctor and ask what the plan is.
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  • Gotta remember these measurement have a TWENTY percent sway. That means your 9 lb baby could be anywhere between 7.2 pounds and 10.8 pounds If within the normal bell curve. If baby is healthy and not in any kind of distress try not to think tooooo much about it because you'll just wig yourself out, S/he's gonna arrive one way or another and as long as the docs not worried yet, don't worry yet!
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  • u/s measurements are quite often not as accurate as we think.  However, with my first they were pretty spot on, but she barely grew between 36 and 38.5 weeks.  At 36 weeks she measured 5 lbs 13 oz and 38 she was 6 lbs 2 oz and she was born 4 days after that last u/s at 5 lbs 12 oz so she didn't gain much the last few weeks of pregnancy. 
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  • I wouldn't put much stock into weight estimates.  They have never been right for me.

    Plus, my grandma is 5' nothing and has had more than one ten pounder.  No biggie.

  • Unless you have GD, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Also, weight is not indicative of development. Let baby grow.  
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