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Pediatrician recommendation near Sparta, NJ

Hi Everyone!  I normally do not write posts...I am more just the read and obtain advice from all of you wonderful ladies as I have found SO MUCH helpful information from you all!  However, I am a FTM and I am at a loss of where to start when researching and finding the 'right' pediatrician.  I did not grow up in the area (husband was from the area, but did not grow up in Sparta to help with this decision) and therefore I am not familiar with the practices.  Does anyone have any recommendations on pediatricians in the area?  And also, does the pediatrician need to be affiliated with the hospital you will be giving birth at?  Any information will be extremely helpful and I thank you in advance!!!

Re: Pediatrician recommendation near Sparta, NJ

  • Hi there!

     I am a FTM as well and I am in the process of selecting a pediatrician.  I used to go to Dr. Saluja in Vernon.  A fantastic practice.  I will definitely be using them for my LO.  

  • Thank you so much! I will definitely look into the practice.  I guess we are the only ones in the area :) 
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  • I've heard good things about Dr. Saluja in Vernon.  I live in W. Milford now, so I use Pediatricare in Pompton Plains.  (It's a little far from Sparta).  I do suggest calling your hospital and seeing if they have any recommendations.  Pediatricare is affliated with Chilton and one of the Pediatricians held one of the classes we took.  He was awesome and I instantly knew that's who we'd be using. 

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  • I don't think pediatrician HAS to be affiliated .. I live in Sussex county and I got MANY recommendations to Sky lands pediatrics in Sparta by Pope John school area..apparently all drs r great..different waiting rooms for sick kids and just check ups and they have sat and Sunday hours..I will be using them
  • Hi I am a FTM too, I live in Hardyston and am also looking for pediatricians. I posted up on my facebook asking all of my mommy friends. I mainly got reccomendations for Dr. Saluja in Vernon, and Spara Wellness Peds (both Dr. Chris and Dr. Marie, not Dr. Raj)
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  • Hi Ladies,

     When I lived up in that area and nannies I took the girls to Dr Chris at wellness Pediactrics in Sparta. I personally took my own twins to Dr Bronstein in Premier Health Associates which is the old Sparta Medical. She was wonderful and was vote parents choice last year. I find her to be more of a new age pediatrician meaning she gives the option vaccines and is not afraid to prescribe medication if need be.  

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  • Hi!  Can you please tell me what you meant when you said "option vaccines".  I am looking for a pediatrician in Sparta area who is flexible and won't pressure re: vaccines.  Thanks.
  • <3 Dr. Chris. The whole group is great really.
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