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Tell me about your experience w/ nubain. ..

I am hoping for a natural childbirth, but then at our birth class this weekened, they were talking about nubain and I am semi-intrigued. 

I like the idea of a light narcotic that would take the edge off, but would wear off in time to let me push at the end.  I was just talking to my friend who's a doula though and she said when she's seen people on nubain, they are pretty high and loopy - which is NOT how I want to be.

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Re: Tell me about your experience w/ nubain. ..

  • My sister used nubain... and was NOT high or loopy... It just took the edge off for her, which she desperately needed.

    She was able to concentrate on her labor and delivery much more with the help of nubain

  • With my first, I was given demerol (sp?) and totally felt loopy & drunk. They gave me a reversal drug when it was time to push but if I could do anything differently, I would have skipped it all together. With my 2nd, I was given fentanyl and it was awesome! It didn't take all the pain away but made it much more bearable and I never felt drunk or loopy on it.


    I don't know anything about nubain but if it works the same as fentanyl, I would highly recommend it!

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  • I've never given birth, but I was given nubain for another issue I had during this pregnancy.  I hated it, but I'm not good with narcotic pain killers anyways (i typically have bad reactions).  I broke out in hives, itched and felt like I'd drank about 12 beers.  I was very loopy and already know I will not accept nubain when I'm in labor, I want to remember giving birth, not feel drunk during it or itchy for that matter.
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  • I was given Nubain a few weeks ago for pain when I had to go into triage.  It made me SO loopy DH couldn't get me out the door when it was time to leave.  He said it was like I had had ten margaritas.  No way would I use it for childbirth. 
  • When my son was born 4 years ago I decided I wanted to try to go all natural. I watched all those birthing shows on TLC & heard about Nubain there. After pushing for a couple hours with no luck (I had already been given pitocin) I requested Nubain from the nurse & they gave it to me, no questions asked & didn't bother telling me about side effects. For me, it did NOT take the edge off, i felt very dizzy, nauseated & seriously felt like I was high. Had I been told this earlier I would have never asked for it. I actually started crying because I hated the way it made me felt, on top of already trying to deal with the incredible contractions I was having. (little did I know I was trying to push out a 9 lb 2 oz baby!) I would not recommend this drug.
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  • No experience with it, but we learned about them in my childbirth class too. The narcotics to take the edge of is basically heroin and I would NOT put that in my body.  Basically, it's supposed to last for 2 hours and they can give it early on if they think the baby won't come in that timeframe. However, if the baby does come within the 2 hours, the baby will come out with breathing problems, jaundice, etc. and will remain in their body for 6-8 weeks (depending on when you got it in labor). I plan on going natural.
  • It did nothing.  Just made me fall asleep between contrax.  I would skip it.
  • I have used nubain for both my childbirths. It took the edge off for me and wore off by the time I was pushing. I did not have the negative experience some other people have described. I felt maybe like I had had one drink. But it sounds like different people react differently. My first son didn't have any noticeable reaction. He was very alert in the delivery room and for four hours afterward. My second son was more fussy and sleepy afterward. I don't know if was the nubain, though, and he was definitely fine.
  • I was induced and was in labor for 27 hours. After 15 hours of hard labor I took the Nubain and it was like heaven!! I cannot usually tolerate narcotics, but I was trying not to get an epidural, so I tried the Nubain, Sounds like people have had some terrible reactions, but my experience was wonderful.
  • I had Stadol, which is close to Nubain. I remember telling the nurse I loved her. It didn't do much for the pain, really, but it did help me drift off during contractions and get a little rest.
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  • Nubain did absolutely nothing for me, it could be because I was in horrible back pain labor with twins for 4 days though (they were trying everything to keep them in); turns out that my little boy had his foot wedged into my lower back and that was what was causing all my back pain, so maybe it will work for you and maybe you won't be in labor for 4 days!!
  • Loved the nubain... unfortunately, labor lasted much longer than it did.  I took it in an attempt to get some rest after well over a day of labor.  I was fighting my contrax per the nurse and they wanted me to get some sleep to see if I'd progress better.  I know I knocked off pretty quickly after they gave it to me, but I was also exhausted.  I don't remember feeling loopy.  I do remember being told I couldn't take more than one dose since the effectiveness drops significantly after the first dose.
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