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Car booster recommendation?

DS just turned 4 and still fits in his carseat by it's safety guidelines, but we're ready to move his sister into his and move him to the next stage... booster seat. Anyone have a recommendation of one they love? Or one to avoid?
DS 5 years old
DD 2 years old
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Re: Car booster recommendation?

  • I recommend a combination high-back booster that lasts to 80-100 lbs. If he can fit into the 5-pt based on the seat requirements then use it-if not, you can use the seatbelt with the high back until your states age/weight requirements for not needing a booster seat.

    There is some research out there of the benefits of a high-back to a regular booster.

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  • We just bought a Graco Nautilus and are using it with the 5pt harness until he outgrows it, then will use it as a highback booster with seatbelt. He's only been in it a week now, so I can't really say if I love or hate it. I'm still getting use to the feel of the buckles and the tightener being a little different than his old seat, but I have no complaints. It's also a very popular and affordable seat.


    Also, it appears that our DS is a month older than yours and for reference sake he's 42" but only 36lbs, one reason he's still in a 5pt.

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  • imageWestCoastMommy:
    Yes Also, this may be an older thread, but most of it is still relevant. Especially the questions:

    I thought dd2 was ready for a booster at 5, and she proved me wrong in less than a week on a busy highway. She's been harnessed in a Frontier since then.



  • My son is 3. I'm a huge supporter of extended rear facing and 5 point harness' as long as possible. We bought a Diono Radian RXT and will also be getting the R120 soon which is basically the same seat. It's great I would highly recommend it. Plus you'll probably never have to by another seat. It's good for 10 years, rear face to 45 lbs highest on the market, ff in harness until I believe 80 lbs and then booster to 100 lbs. I could be off on the 80 100, but it's pretty close.
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