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2nd Trimester

How much caffeine are you drinking?

Having a two year old this time around, I find myself extra tired and drinking caffeine like I didn't the first time.  Please make me feel better and tell me i'm not the only one. How much do you feel is safe?

Thank you.

Re: How much caffeine are you drinking?

  • I probably drink a can of soda a day. Usually Dr Pepper or something, so 41 mg according to this database: 

    I try to keep it under 100 a day. 

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  • This is so funny. I was literally just getting on here to ask the same question. I have a two year old as well and never drank caffeine when I was pregnant with him. There are some days I drink it now and some days I don't. When I do drink it I feel like I overdo it some. I love coke. I buy caffeine free coke when at home but if I go somewhere like out to eat or McDonalds, I get a coke.
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  • It varies day to day. In general I always keep it under the recommended 200mg.
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  • I have at most 2 cans of pepsi a day, most days it's only one. I am staying away from coffee because it normally doesn't sit well in my tummy.
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  • I have at least one 8oz cup of coffee a day. If I get a headache, I often have a soda or tea to take the edge off, in addition to my morning cup of coffee.

    The general recommendation is to stay under 200mg/day. An average cup of brewed coffee, 8oz, has 100 to 150mg. Black tea, 8oz, 20 to 60mg. Soda, 12oz, 30 to 40mg. So for all the people freaking out about soda, you could drink three cans of soda and still not be getting as much caffeine as I get in my teeny morning coffee.
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  • I probably drink 2 cups a day of half-caff coffee. Maybe once or twice a week I may have an afternoon iced tea or diet coke if I am seriously dragging.
  • Most days I don't drink any.  If I feel like it though, I'll drink sweet tea when I go out to eat, or if I'm eating something really crappy, I'll have a soda with it.  I don't think there's anything wrong with drinking a small amount every day, really.. I just prefer water.
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    It varies day to day. In general I always keep it under the recommended 200mg.

    Me too. I pretty much always have a cup of coffee in the morning then MAYBE a diet soda at lunch but usually water.

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  • I was told under 200 mg a day is OK.  I usually drink either a bottle or can of regular coke a day - which is about 75 mg (bottle) or 40 mg (can).  It's funny too because I never really "needed" caffeine, but now I'm all about it!  It's more about regular coke, and I've been drinking caffeine free coke a lot too (1 can/day).
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  • I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day (more on a lazy Sunday morning) but coffee totally turned my stomach in the first trimester. I've started having a cup every few mornings if I'm feeling sluggish but I still don't crave it as much as I did when I drank it regularly. Yesterday I had a massive headache after work so I also had a can of Coke (on top of a coffee that morning). Not too worried about caffeine.
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  • Hmmm...the book I have says under 300. But if you are just having a caffeine drink a day, you are well under that number. I also have a 2 year old and I'm exhausted! Been having tea in the afternoon.
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  • I usually drink 1 cup of coffee a morning. Sometimes 2

  • Wow I feel awful! My doc has never mentioned to me about drinking too much caffeine. The pop/coffee subject has never even come up in our visits. I am drinking tons of water and I have about 4 cups of coffee a day. I used to drink more than that, but I have cut back. I usually have 2 in the morning and 2 after our dinner. I drink water throughout the day, but I guess I should switch to decaf at night. 

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  • I might have one glass of tea every other day or so. Sometimes two a day, depending if we eat out. 

    With my second pregnancy, I was craving cokes and had at least two a day through most of it (and also had gestational diabetes with him - coincidence?). For some reason, it never occurred to me to buy caffeine free cokes (which is odd, since I grew up drinking only that kind), but there you have it. Maybe it was pregnancy brain at work :)

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  • I hate coffee...and gave up on my belovedv David's Tea when I got my bfp - too any herbs in the ones I have.  Gave up on soda several years ago when I realized it was Making it hard to lose weight.

    Sooooooo...I pretty much split a Pepsi with dh once every couple of weeks when I get a headache that Tylenol alone cant cure.  

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  • I usually have a cup of coffee a few times a week. It's kind of a "treat" when I do allow myself to have it.

    However, in less than a month, I start nursing school & will be upping my caffeine intake just to survive!! Coffee >>> Indifferent >>> Idea

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  • I usually drink one can of dr pepper a day or I get a small cafe mocha from Tim Horton. Does anyone know how much caffeine decaf coffee has? I know it still contains some so I didn't know if I could be drinking a few cups of that a day instead.
  • I'm pretty sure if I so much as look at a glass of tea I'm awake for the next two nights. With that I cut my coffee down to maybe once every two weeks and even then its decaf. I never drink pop. I started to get my sweet tooth back this last week and have slept poorly. Not sure if its the small amount of caffeine in candy thats doing it or just getting too big to sleep nicely.

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  • My OB told me 16 oz. a day is ok. I drink one 16 oz. glass of iced coffee a day...sometimes less (like an 8 oz. can of soda if I don't feel like iced coffee). 
  • Before my bfp I used to drink 2 cups of coffee every morning. But coffee really nauseates me when I'm pregnant, tasting it or even smelling it, so I haven't been drinking it anymore. I'm a big soda drinker but I've cut it down to 1 or 2 cans of soda a day.
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  • I usually have 1-2 cups of of coffee plus a soda in the afternoon if I have hd a migraine all day. It's the only thing that helps.
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  • I have one cup of coffee several mornings a week, and I'm generous with the milk when fixing it up.   It's a treat for me.  The rest of the time I drink a cup of English Breakfast tea, or Earl Grey.  Doc says it's all fine, and even the coffee is well under the 250-300 mg per day limit. 

    I waited until second tri to have any caffeine, though.   I quit soda years ago after I realized how absolutely horrible it is for you. 


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  • I usually have half a cup to 1 cup in the mornings, but some mornings go without because that was the one aversion I had in the first trimester which has lingered into second & then I might have a can of coke in the day.  I worried about it in the first trimester because of miscarriage, but not so much anymore and it's the only thing that helps with my headache.  I also make sure to drink real not diet as I've heard diet is bad for the baby. 
  • Well, the first five weeks I wasn't aware I was pregnant, and I might have overdone the coffee a bit... I used to drink at least 5-7 cups a day... Mostly XLs from Tim's, and it had been that way for years.

    When we got our BFP, I stopped coffee (and caffeine, really) altogether. No more iced teas, no more tea, no more coffee, never liked soda anyways. It went well for 20 weeks!

    Now, I'm on a sip of coffee a week, I can't stand the taste anymore, even though I still love the smell...  Iced tea is my guilty pleasure, I'll have half a bottle of Brisk every three days or so... I can't drink more than that, I get the jitters, probably more from all the sugar than from the caffeine: let's face it, those things are like pop, without the fizz!

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  • None!!!!

    *Does the I'm such an amazing mom dance* Yes

    Okay I'll stand still so I can be shot now! Zip it!

    Actually I never really drank much caffeine before so nothing has changed ... but if you offer me a nice peach iced tea you betcha I'm gonna drink it!!!!  

    I was told that limiting caffeine intake to about one 12oz cup of coffee or 200mg caffeine a day is best. Maybe if you need energy throughout the day you can opt for smaller caffeine options and spread them out for little pick me ups. I'm sure google can find you a good chart with the caffeine content of common food and drinks.

    Hopefully your energy levels will pick up soon but until then enjoy your coffee!..... in moderation. 


  • Well, I'm very sensitive to caffeine so I have been working on cutting back since pre-pg.  I drink very little of it.  I might have a hot chocolate a couple times a week, which does contain caffeine, but I'm not sure how much. 

    FYI, I have read that women who drink caffeinated sodas are more likely to have premature labor.  I think coffee is generally safer because it doesn't have the carbonation or the large amounts of sugar/high fructose corn syrup.

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  • Probably more than I should. It is much harder to go without this time around.
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