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Great pediatric dentist in Kendall?

My 15 mo has her top and bottom 4 incisors and now she is getting her first premolars. I think it's time for a dental checkup just to make sure all is ok. I am looking for a gentle and knowledgeable pediatric dentist preferably in the Kendall area. I woul really appreciate it. 

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Re: Great pediatric dentist in Kendall?

  • I just took my two year old for his well baby and vaccines and asked about that because he has all of his teeth.  They said they don't recommend it until around 3 years. That said, they recommended Main Street Dental when it was time to take our daughter years ago and to be honest, I wasn't crazy about it.  It's not in Kendall, it's in Palmetto Bay, but there were a lot of scared kids screaming and I think they were all kind of feeding off each other's fear.  After that, we just took our daughter to our regular dentist and she's been going there ever since.  
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