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at 38 weeks, my natural birth story

Here we go!

I was in denial for the majority of my labor!
Wednesday morning (6AM Dec. 12) I started feeling pressure. It came and went at about 15 - 20 minutes apart and really uncomfortable. Not thinking they were contractions, I didn't call anyone. I also had one of my weekly appointments later that night around 6:00PM anyway. So a couple hours go by (noon) and it gets a lot worse... I finally called the office and they bumped up my appointment to 4:00PM. 

When I got into the office my midwife checked my cervix and she said I was 5CM dilated and confirmed that the pressure I was feeling were contractions. I was shocked that I was dilated because the week prior I wasn't even close to a 1! I said," okay, what does that mean?", she told me that I could go into labor with in the next 24 hours. I didn't believe her considering it was two weeks early. I laughed it off and went to check out (meanwhile my contractions are now regular at 10 minutes apart.) While I was waiting to get checked out my nurse comes to get me and she says that it's best that I do a NST. Everything was normal and we finally leave the office around 6:00PM. At this point they were 8 minutes apart and I was still in denial believing maybe I'll go at the end of the week. 

We get home and I immediately start a bath and jump in. The hot water made me feel so much better! My contractions were still regular at 7 minutes apart. It steadily increased to 5 minutes in the next hour. At that point I got out of the bath tub and began getting dressed (makeup and all). It was hard through the contractions but I was determined to look good just in case. Meanwhile my husband is putting all the last minute things into the hospital bag.

We leave the house at around 8:00PM and get there at 8:30PM, my contractions were 4 to 5 minutes apart. We check in and I am brought to the delivery room . The midwife checks my cervix which is now a 7. However, I am STILL in denial I was going to give birth and I ask my midwife if I could go home. She said no and that I am absolutely giving birth that night! I finally accepted it and settled in. She broke my water and they ran me another bath. This time the bath did nothing. It absolutely didn't help at all! My contractions were 3 minutes apart and I was in a lot of pain! I tried walking around, the bouncing ball and sitting on the toilet, nothing helped with the pain. I finally chose to just lie in bed and wriggle and scream. Though the pain was still there, screaming made me feel a little better. 

I was checked again at 10:30PM and I was at a nine. Now I am screaming my head off, writhing in pain. I did give in and ask for the epidural! My midwife says okay we'll get you the epidural and begins telling me about the things she has to do before I can get it. This included starting an IV, moving me into a different room and then calling the anesthesiologist and doctor. I got angry and yelled,"I don't have time for that! Nevermind!". It's about 11:00PM now and she says I'm ready to push! I was in control of when I pushed which surprised me because I was used to seeing on TV that the doctor tells you when to push. So every time I felt a contraction coming I would say push and my midwife, husband and nurse would come and hold my legs as I pushed. 

It was all over at 12:12AM. I had my beautiful baby boy in my arms. 7 pounds, 2 ounces and 19 inches long.

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