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Littleton/Lakewood Mommies?


I am new to littleton area, moved here from Aurora.


I am 34 weeks! Any mom get together's around this area?!


Also....where are you ladies delivering at? I have 2 choices, Skyride or Saint Joe's.

I LOVE Skyridge but am worried they will be full when my delivery date comes around ;/ I was not pleased with the hospital at Saint Joes :/ 

Re: Littleton/Lakewood Mommies?

  • I'm not pregnant, my littlest is 7 months old. I also just moved to Littleton from Florida, so I don't know anything about the hospitals in the area. I just wanted to say hi and congratulations!
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  • thanks =)

    Welcome to Colorado! I've been here a little over a year and I love it.  Did you move for work? Have you found anything fun to do around the area, with the weather and having a little one maybe not yet but it's great there are so many things to do!! =)

    Have you met any mommies around yet?  

  • We moved for my husband's job, so far I really love being here. We've gone hiking a few times, on the days it's warm enough. I haven't met very many moms, but our only friends out here are expecting their first baby next week! Do you know what you are having?
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  • Sorry, I just seen this!

    I do, we are having a little boy =) 

  • Hello ladies! I am a first time mom of almost 5 month old Hayleigh! I have lived in Littleton for almost 20 years- since 5th grade. ?? I delivered at Sky Ridge and loved it. I'm guessing you have Kaiser, as do I. I was also worried about them being full, but ended up being induced... I would be happy to answer any questions or even get together sometime! I am part of a mom's club also. There are 2 in Littleton, depending on if you live north or south. I actually live in Roxborough which is as south as you can go. Feel free to email me at [email protected] whenever! Good luck! 

  • Hello,
    congratulations. I am also in Littleton and due in April. We are delivering at Littleton Hospital.
  • Welcome to Colorado! We moved from New York July 2011 when I was pregnant with my DD. I gave birth at St. Joe's and absolutely loved it!! Our next baby will also be born there.

    I have friends that have given birth all over our area (Littleton, Swedish, St. Anthony's, St. Joes, Skyridge, Mountain Midwifery etc) and there's many more good stories than bad in nearly every hospital.

    In my opinion choose what feels right and give them a chance, take a tour, form your own opinions. :) Best of luck!!

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  • Hi! I am in littleton and due April 6th I am 34 weeks as well! I am delivering at Swedish
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