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Just moved to Greensburg area and need a doctor reco!

Hi ladies!  I recently moved to Greensburg and am looking for a doctor in the area.  I had gone to Magee in Monroeville previously, but I'm curious as to who is recommended closer to my new home.  I have UPMC insurance and have checked into Excela's doctor's and have seen mixed reviews.  I'm not pregnant just yet, but I figure I should get this all sorted out before we try anyway.  Should I find a doctor that delivers out here or drive into Pittsburgh?  Any thoughts would be helpful!  Thanks!

Re: Just moved to Greensburg area and need a doctor reco!

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    Hi there. I live in Irwin/ penn twp area and recently switched jobs and hence insurance. I went to East Sub ob/gyn in monroeville and delivered my daughter with them.  New insurance is upmc and had to switch. Using Westmoreland Women's health center now that does deliver at Westmoeland hospital. They have offices off the Gander Mt exit. My sister in law delivered with them in July and had a great experience all around. Hence why I decide to go with them. They also have an office onBarnes Lake Road by the new Walmart in North Huntingdon. I only saw the nurse practioner at my visit and she was great. I really liked the office staff too. Website is wwhc-obgyn.org

    Hope that helps. 

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    I go to westmoreland ob/gyn. It's in medical commons one behind westmoreland hospital. There are two doctors. Dr. Clark and Dr. Philipkosky. Ive been going there for 10 yrs. I am also pregnant with my first and everything has been going very smooth. Everyone raves about Dr. Clarkmale. He is very nice. Dr. Philipkoskyfemale can have her ad days and maybe not spend enough time with you sometimes but I have never had a bad experience with either. Desni and Vicky are the nurse practitioners who are both very nice. Everyone always has there own experience. Also I went through a long health issue with Vicky and now she even gave me a hug when she found out that I was pregnant. I don't see the reason to drive the whole way to pittsburgh. Hope this helps.
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    I also use Westmoreland Women's Health Center and I love all of their physicians and staff...they are great!!  :)
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    I live in Greensburg & see OB/GYN Assoc in Monroeville...I had tried another practice in Gbg but liked the OB/GYN doctors better (I also have UPMC insurance). I just had my baby 3 months ago at Magee.   
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