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any experience with enlarged bladder?

I had my first trimester screening this morning and the genetic counselor told us that from the sono it looks like baby has an enlarged bladder.  She totally freaked us out because she basically didn't have any information to share- it could go away on its own or it could be cause for concern.  I started to tune out but I actually heard her at some point talking about termination of pregnancy!  I totally had an out of body experience- I can't believe she and DH were talking about me and my baby.  I tried to google it but didn't really find anything conclusive there eiather.  Anyone else experienced this, especially so early?  Thanks for reading all this if you're still here.

Re: any experience with enlarged bladder?

  • Hello, The same thing happened to me when I has a ultrasound at 19 weeks. Don't worry...the Dr. and my hubby were also talking about aborting the pregnancy too...and I was so shocked I didn't know what to think. The Dr. thought it was a cyst on the kidneys then after about 3 specialist they said it was an enlarged batter and it could correct by it self or the baby would need a minor surgery after it was born to make his pee hole bigger. I then had to go to a Genetic specialist and I also had a Amio done. Everything came back perfectly normal. The Dr. requested that I get a ultrasound done every 3 weeks to make sure the amniotic fluid level doesn't go down. To make a long story short at 30 weeks the amniotic fluid went down and they saw this on the ultrasound (if i didn't get that ultrasound the baby would of died in please make sure they monitor your fluid) This is my story...I don't mean to freak you out but I know exactly what you are going through and I pray it isn't the same thing.
    My precious Cody entered our lives a tad early,two and a half months early due to the complication with the amniotic fluid dissipating. I had a emergency C-section when he was 30 weeks old. It was discovered that Cody is suffering from displastic kidneys. Which means his kidney stopped growing at 7 months. He was born October 24th at 3lbs 7 oz. The Dr. had told us that he may only live a few hours or maybe a couple of days. We are soooo blessed because Cody is now 18 days old and is gaining weight each day and doing so good. He's now 3lbs 11oz. and just started nursing off of me today. His toxin levels are going down which is really good. They did say that he is a miracle baby but he will need a kidney transplant when he's about 3 years old because his body will our grow his kidney and he will die. Cody is a fighter and we pray he will continue the fight. Please pray for my baby boy that his toxin levels will continue to drop and his kidney will heal.
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