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Questions about OGA Bay Area and Dr. Joy LeBlanc

Hi there! I am pregnant with my first child...I will be 5 weeks tomorrow.

I did some research and heard alot of good things about Dr. LeBlanc at OGA in Webster and decided I would like her to handle my prenatal care and delivery. Unfortunately, she did not have any available appointments until February, which would have put me about 10 weeks.

Since this is my first baby, I was hoping to get in sooner (I have no idea what to expect from all this other than the research I've done online). I was able to get an earlier appointment for January 23rd with her nurse practitioner, Amy. I will be 7 weeks when I go.

I am wondering what I should expect for my first appointment with Dr. LeBlanc's nurse from those who have used her in the past? Is it possible that I will get my first ultrasound at this first appointment to see the heartbeat? I'm not sure what to expect since I'm seeing her nurse initially instead of the doctor.

If she doesn't do first ultrasounds that early, does anyone know when she normally does them? Everything still seems a little "unreal" to me, so I'm eager to get to actually SEE something, even if it's just the tiny flickering heartbeat.

Thanks for the help!

Re: Questions about OGA Bay Area and Dr. Joy LeBlanc

  • Definitely call and ask what their first appointment normally entails. More and more doctors who are considered 'less interventive' will not even do a prenatal until NEAR 12 weeks (give or take some weeks - lol). So, that is actually a perfect time frame. :)

    Dr. LeBlanc is a fabulously mom and baby centric doctor. That said, I don't know when she does ultrasounds. Commonly, you will get one around 20 weeks to check on everything, but the earlier the ultrasound (around 12 weeks) the better the guesstimate on estimated due date. :)

    Good luck and congratulations! 

  • Thank you!

    I called them up and asked what I should expect at a 7 week appointment. I asked if 7 weeks would be far enough along that they would do the first ultrasound. The response I got was "they will do all the labs and depending on how far along you are they will do an ultrasound." So...yeah she didn't actually answer my question. :P

    I'm sure the nurse will be much more helpful. I don't expect a whole lot from most front desk personnel in medical businesses (just my personal past experience).

    We shall see what happens! I am looking forward to at least talking to a professional.

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