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Southside hospital maternity

So my ob office is now affiliated with southside and it used to be saint Katherine's so I'm a little timid. I love the drs at my practice but a little weary about lij and delivering at southside can anyone give me their experiences positive or negative??? Thanks in advance

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  • I delivered at Southside and it was Great....the nurses were wonderful both in L&D as well as the maternity floor. the L&D rooms are well kept since everything was recently redone, and the food isn't bad either lol I suggest going for a hospital tour if u can.
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  • LOVED it!!! I was brand in 1 month brand LI when we got the BFP with my daughter. Having worked in a hospital in Ohio before we moved here I knew a couple good ratings websites to check and actually picked Southside as my hospital then picked my OB based on the fact that they deliver at Southside. It's been two years now since I did the research but if I remember correctly Southside's maternity unit was the 2nd highest rated on LI...I believe Mather was higher. I actually got a hard time for people when I told them I was delivering at Southside because I guess some other departments there maybe aren't as great but I had a phenomenal experience.

    Highly recommend the 2 part free labor class they offer...includes a tour and they give you all the nitty gritty on hospital policies and whatnot so there aren't any big surprises when the big day comes. I recommend Southside all the time because we had such a great experience...can't wait to deliver number 2 there in June

  • I delivered my first LO there two and a half years ago and LO#2 last month. I had a wonderful experience at Southside. I actually work there in the rehab dept and since it was taken over by North Shore/LIJ, it has improved tremendously in all aspects of patient care. The maternity ward specifically is very clean and the food was really good. Both times, my nurses in L&D and postpartum unit were very knowledgeable and helpful. DH actually said he couldn't wait for me to have LO so he could enjoy the buffet breakfast with me. LOL. Definitely go on a hospital tour, though, to get a little more comfortable, though. Good luck
  • Are you with Contemporary Women's Care? I actually considered switching doctors awhile ago for this same reason, but eventually decided to just stick it out. I really like my doctor, so it wasn't worth it to me to switch obs so late in the game.
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