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Avalon Midwives - Morristown/Caldwell

Does anybody have experience with this practice? I used Hackettstown midwives with my dd, but they no longer accept insurance (theyll use your out of network if you have OON benefits)....

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Re: Avalon Midwives - Morristown/Caldwell

  • I have had several clients birth with them.  If you'd like, pm me any questions you have.  



  • I am seeing them since I was 2-3 months pregnant and now I am 8 1/2 months. I am going to the Caldwell office because it is closer to where I live. They are a group of 5 midwives with whom you meet through the course of your pregnancy because you can have any one of them deliver your baby when the time arrives. So far, I like them all and have a preference for two of them, however wouldn't mind any of them delivering my baby because I have established a comfort level with them and they're on board with my birthing plans. In addition, the Caldwell office staff (especially Madeline) is extremely sweet and helpful in answering medical questions if the midwives are unavailable. Overall, I am very satisfied with their practice and the way they handle patients.

     I must also add that prior to joining them, I consulted with and interviewed some obgyn's and midwives. With Avalon, I paid a $65 consultation fee and interviewed one of their midwives for about an hr (she went over and beyond that by pushing me to ask more!) At the end I was satisfied that they didn't rush me or kick me out like other docs (esp obgyn's) who don't have time to answer your questions. During my monthly visits as well, they give me a lot of time to ask questions and explain how I feel. This puts me at ease..

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