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Indoor Play Areas

Hi ladies,

we are thinking about taking DS to play somewhere this weekend but aren't sure where or if there is anywhere we can go.  We live in Mt. Washington but are open to any suggestions around the Towson, Owings Mills, Hunt Valley areas.



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Re: Indoor Play Areas

  • We have taken the kids to Kiddie Crusoe in Timonium.  It is great.  They have a huge imaginative play area, an in door jungle gym and an indoor bounce area.  It cost $12 per child and adults are free.  They also have a big concession area.

    We have also gone to Ultimate Playzone in Cockeysville (right beside Celebree and across from Starbucks).  They are pretty nice too.  They do not have the imaginitve play area, it is mostly just bounce stuff.  It is $8 per child.  Make sure that you check their website, because open play is limited to certain hours, due to the fact that people can rent the facility for private parties.


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  • We've been to Kiddie Crusoe and it was fun - lots of the jump places like Pump it Up have open play times, but they are a little difficult on the weekends b/c of parties.

    If we have a cold or really hot day and need to be inside, we will head to Annapolis Mall - where they have a kiddie train ($1 PP) and 2 different play areas plus some dinky kids rids - walk around the mall, ride the train, go to the play area, Mommy & Daddy alterate and window shop/go to Starbucks, throw in lunch and we've had a nice 2-3 hour outing, plus a longish drive so we can normally get a nap in too.

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  • I second Kiddie Crusoe, its a lot of fun and will wear the kids out.  The concession area isn't al that great though.

    Towson Town Mall has an enclosed play area on the bottom level but closer to the swanky newer part of the mall.  It can get crazy in there but I've also been when its nice and quiet.

    Oregon Ridge has a nice little nature center, or they did, I haven't been in 8-ish years.  It was free and then you can walk through some short trails in the woods.  Its cold but it is nice.



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  • This isn't really close to you but it's not for us either and found it on a fluke....there is a place in Columbia that sells playground equipment...we went looking to buy swings for the set DH was building.  Well we found out when we got there all of their swing sets are set up in an indoor area for 'testing' and parents brought there kids to play!  They even rent the place for birthday parties.  it was so cool!  It's called Play n Learn.

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